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Quercus: Nightfall

Read "Nightfall" reviewed by John Kelman

It may have taken seven years for the innovative British trio featuring singer June Tabor, saxophonist Iain Ballamy and pianist Huw Warren to find a label and release their first album together, but they sure landed on their feet. Not only was the trio's 2013 debut, Quercus, released on the renowned ECM imprint; it was also ...


Quercus at The Pepper Canister Church, Dublin

Read "Quercus at The Pepper Canister Church, Dublin" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Quercus The Pepper Canister Church Dublin Ireland 25 January, 2014 St. Stephen's Church is familiarly known as the Pepper Canister Church owing to the form of its cupola. The church's handsome Georgian architecture blends with the affluent surroundings, but it was the pools of light and the dark recesses of ...


Label: ECM Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: Lassie Lie Near Me; Come Away Death; As I Roved Out; The Lads in Their Hundreds; Teares; Near But Far Away; Brigg Fair; Who Wants the Evening Rose; This is Always; A Tale from History (The Shooting); All I Ask of You.


Quercus: June Tabor - Iain Ballamy - Huw Warren

Read "June Tabor - Iain Ballamy - Huw Warren" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Anche se non nuova alla cosa, solo alla ECM poteva venire in mente una scelta che apparirebbe superflua ma che ovviamente a nessun produttore discografico viene mai in mente: far incontrare il delicato mondo del folk storico britannico con i sapori del jazz minimalista e da camera. Il risultato? E come dovrebbe essere se non emozionale, ...


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