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Pippin Barnett

 Born in White Plains, N.Y. and growing up in New Jersey and Japan. He currently resides in Richmond, Va.. He began his musical endeavors with trumpet at age 9 and then on to drums at 12.   He has been recorded on 40 or so LP's or CD's with bands he has either co- founded or been a sideman since 1979. Some of those bands include Idio- Savant, Curlew, Orthotonics, Nimal, Happy Lucky, Ululating Mummies, Tom Cora's Roof, Boom, Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra and No Safety. He has been written about in many publications including Musician, Modern Drummer, Musiche Mag., Option, N.Y. Downtown Mag., Cadence, New York Times and Downbeat.   He has played and toured with Conrad Baur, Chris Cochrane, Tom Cora, Fred Frith, Shelly Hirsch, Tim Hodgekinson, Catherine Jeauniux, Zeena Parkins, Hans Reichel, Jean-Maurice Rossel, Hahn Rowe, Martin Schutz, David Wienstien, Shirley Anne Hoffman, Bratko Bibic, Keith Rowe and others.   Some past events where he has performed are the Kool Jazz Festival 86’- NYC, New Music America 89'-NYC,  JVC Jazz Festival-NYC, Mimi Festival- France, Sarzana Music Festival-Italy, Marantz Jazz Festival-Switz.,  Lion Coffee Music Series-Honolulu, Festival for Performance and Experimental Music- Copenhagen, Goethe Institute-NYC,  Zurich Jazz Festival-Switz., Festival Music Actulle-Canada,  Knitting Factory Jazz Festival-Holland and NYC,  Children's Festival-Zurich-Switz.,  Nickelsdorf Jazz Festival-Austria, Tampere Jazz Festival-Finland,  The Kitchen-NYC,  The Walker Arts Museum- Minneapolis, The Center for Contemporary Arts-Santa Fe  and numerous others.


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