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Per Gärdin


Soprano and alto saxophones in mainly jazz/improvisational settings. Initially selftaught, later studied saxophone and music theory. Also studied Musicology, Ethnology, Philosophy and History of Ideas at Stockholm University. Collaborations at EMS, the electronic music studio in Stockholm, ca 1979-1982, combining Buchla synthesizer with wind instruments. Worked in different studio jazz/impro sessions in duo/trio/quartet settings in the mid to late 80s. From the 90s and onwards mostly small temporary groups and solo saxophone improvisations and recordings. Played and studied scores by among others Cornelius Cardew, Jan Bark/Folke Rabe, Terry Riley and participated in conduction performances led by Gino Robair, Adam Rudolph, Ricardo Tejero, Terry Day. Played at concerts and festivals in Sweden, Portugal, Spain, England, Germany among other places. 2009-2010 a member of Total Vibration (including among others Markus Breuss and Tsukiko Amakawa), a group based in Spain concentrating on playing mainly Don Cherry-compositions, touring Andalusia in 2009 and playing at a festival in Huesca 2010


The Tail of the Snake

Label: Antennae Media
Released: 2020
Track listing: 1. Sirius B 2. The Tail of the Snake


Track of the Day

The Tail of the Snake

Label: Antennae Media
Released: 2020
Duration: 28:12



Label: Creative Sources Recordings
Released: 2019
Track listing: 1. Wezen 2. NGC2362a 3. Adhara 4. NGC2362b 5. M41 6. Sirius C


Article: Album Review

Joao Lencastre: Parallel Realities

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Portuguese drummer João Lencastre titled his release Parallel Realities because upon initial listening you might get a notion this music is tether-less free improvisation. But upon further spins, an order appears from the farrago. How that order is generated is, well, the magician's art of pulling a rabbit from his hat. Parallel Realities follows ...


Oblique (trio)

Label: ibnmusik
Released: 2018
Track listing: 1. warped 2. wry 3. cracked 4. askew


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Per Gärdin / Travassos / Marco Franco: Oblique (trio)

Read "Oblique (trio)" reviewed by Mark Corroto

You've come to expect a music review to direct you to pay close attention to a particular passage or solo in a recording. But what if a commentator suggested the best manner to appreciate a recording was to dissipate one's attention and dissolve it into the ether? How would you then experience the music? Would it ...


History of The Lisbon Chaplaincy

Label: Creative Sources Recordings
Released: 2017
Track listing: 1. History of The Lisbon Chaplaincy 43:10


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Per Gärdin/Pedro Lopes/Rodrigo Pinheiro: History Of The Lisbon Chaplaincy

Read "History Of The Lisbon Chaplaincy" reviewed by Mark Corroto

It's interesting just how much place influences a recording. Was the session captured in a hermetically sealed studio or a noisy jazz club? Is the sound engineered or merely captured? And how does the architecture of the recording space effect the sound? Sound experimentalist Pauline Oliveros often recorded in an empty water cistern, timing notes against ...


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Per Gärdin/Rodrigo Pinheiro/Marco Franco/Travassos: Oblique Mirrors

Read "Oblique Mirrors" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Listening to the free improvisation recording, Oblique Mirrors brings to mind a most memorable line from the film The Usual Suspects, where Kevin Spacey as Roger “Verbal" Kint says, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone." Maybe its the evanescent nature ...


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