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Paloma Recio

Label: New World Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: 01. Obambo - 5:04; 02. Lucedes - 4:36; 03. Alechinsky - 10:06; 04. Hidden - 4:14; 05. Boludos - 2:51; 06. Puppets - 2:19; 07. Sonoita - 5:46; 08. Loud Dove - 12:06; 09. Third Mystery - 7:38; 10. Musica Callada (Federico Mompou) - 3.07. Tutte le composizioni sono di Tony Malaby, eccetto dove indicato.


Tony Malaby: Paloma Recio

Read "Paloma Recio" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tim Berne aveva visto giusto indicando Malaby come il sassofonista del futuro. Dopo 15 anni di collaborazioni ai massimi livelli (Paul Motian, Fred Hersch, Charlie Haden, Mark Helias) ed alcune maiuscole prove da leader, il sassofonista di Tucson sta scrivendo alcune delle pagine più interessanti e personali del jazz contemporaneo. Le influenze assimilate negli anni ci ...

Paloma Recio

Label: New World Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: Obambo; Lucedes; Alechinsky; Hidden; Boludos; Puppets; Sonoita; Loud Dove; Third Mystery; Musica Callada.


Tony Malaby: Paloma Recio

Read "Paloma Recio" reviewed by Mark Corroto

To use a rock 'n' roll analogy, saxophonist Tony Malaby is the Mick Jagger to Joe Lovano's Paul McCartney. It's not that anyone has to choose sides, but if the classic Paul Motian band (featuring Lovano) was The Beatles, then Malaby's Paloma Recio quartet is the Rolling Stones. Without having to choose sides, Paloma ...


Tony Malaby: Paloma Recio

Read "Paloma Recio" reviewed by Troy Collins

One of New York City's most in-demand tenor saxophonists, Tony Malaby has become one of the most distinctive artists of his time. A first generation Mexican-American born in Tucson, Arizona, Paloma Recio finds Malaby delving deeper into his own personal history, abstracting Spanish-tinged melodies with the support of some of the best improvisers working today.


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