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Outside In

Label: Origin Records
Released: 2016
Track listing: Small Sir; Where Springs; A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing; Oblivion; OdP (Bird Of Paradise); Outside In; Where Are You.


Dan Cray: Outside In

Read "Outside In" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Encounters with the wonders of nature have a way of snapping everything into perspective and tamping down humanly worries and concerns. Too often we spend time absorbed and obsessed with working from the inside out, projecting ourselves into the world. But sometimes it's better to simply go the other way and let the beauty that exists ...

Outside In

Label: Criss Cross
Released: 2008
Track listing: Dangerous Land; The Grand Inquisitor; Blue Soup; Now is Then; Poster Boy; Pinwheel; A Thousand Words; Many Places.


Gary Versace: Outside In

Read "Outside In" reviewed by C. Andrew Hovan

Coming in on the most recent wave of popularity for the Hammond B3 organ, Gary Versace has quickly established his reputation on the New York scene. A versatile and chameleon-like musician, Versace's approach to the instrument is unique in that he strives for his own sound, while avoiding the copycat sounds or runs of such modern ...

Outside In

Label: Stellar Sound
Released: 2002
Track listing: 1. I Fall In Love Too Easily; 2. Solar; 3. Rabid Poultry; 4. Mourning; 5. Roundtrip; 6. Darn That Dream; 7. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me; 8. Beautiful Love; 9. Forbidden Forest; 10. Ground Zero; 11. Blue In Green


Matt Turner and John Harmon: Outside In

Read "Outside In" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Outside, inside; man, this disc is all over the place. Cellist Turner, probably best known from various fine collaborations with Jeff Song (guitar, kayagum, bass), here is mostly in, with standards pop, jazz, and religious, and with bizarre timing, an original tune called “Ground Zero,” which turns out to be an excellent blues. It’s not mood ...

Outside In

Label: Stellar Sound
Released: 2001
Track listing: I Fall In Love Too Easily; Solar; Rabid Poultry; Mourning; Roundtrip; Darn That Dream; I Want Jesus To Walk With Me; Beautiful Love; Forbidden Forest; Ground Zero (for Randy Sabien); Blue in Green.


Matt Turner and John Harmon: Outside In

Read "Outside In" reviewed by AAJ Staff

The apt title of Outside In offers two tidbits of information about the music contained within. First, cellist Turner and pianist Harmon approach “in" standards by Miles Davis and others with beautiful, fluid melodic interpretations. Second, they also proffer a measured amount of “outside" playing throughout--just enough to balance their travels between the lines. For example, ...

Outside In

Label: Soul Note
Released: 1995


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