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Label: Frame Up Music
Released: 2019
Track listing: Symbols; Obsession; Sambo Mamba; Darkment Of The Light; When Two Auras Kiss; Next Time P22; Locker Room Talk; Strawberry Jam; Run Run Run; Ocean Song.


Guitarist Wolfgang Schalk releases Obsession. Available now!

Guitarist Wolfgang Schalk releases Obsession. Available now!

Wolfgang Schalk (guitar), Andy Langham (piano), Carlitos Del Puerto (bass), Gene Coye (drums), Luisito Quintero (percussion, voice). Recorded at United Recording, Los Angeles, CA. “Obsession is my tribute to the dedication to music and art. It is also a mantra for the responsibility which comes attached to it. It is something you have in your veins ...


Label: Sony Music
Released: 2012
Track listing: Baby, You Are Fired!; Sunday Rain; Everything I Love; Waiting For The Spring Breeze; Obsession; Walking In B's Shoes; Tears; I Fall In love Too Easily; Blues Connotation; Summertime; Cry Me A River.


Jo-Yu Chen: Obsession

Read "Obsession" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Japanese musicians get most of the ink when jazz sights turn to Asian-born wonders, but pianist Jo-Yu Chen is proof that Taiwan has its fair share of homegrown talent. Chen has been making waves over the past few years, self-releasing her Sam Yahel-produced debut, joining the fold as a Steinway Artist and, most recently, signing with ...


Label: Blue Cat Blues Records
Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. Baby, You Are Fired! (Jo-Yu Chen) - 5:07; 02. Sunday Rain (Jo-Yu Chen) - 5:46; 03. Everything I Love (Cole Porter) - 3:41; 04. Wang Chun Feng (traditional) - 3:33; 05. Obsession (Jo-Yu Chen) - 6:29; 06. Walking in B's Shoes (Jo-Yu Chen) - 3:33; 07. Tears (Jo-Yu Chen) - 5:33; 08. I Fall in Love Too Easily (Jule Styne) - 6:05; 09. Blues Connotation (Ornette Coleman) - 5:01; 10. How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin) - 6:15; 11. Summertime (George Gershwin) - 4:10; Bonus Track: 12. Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton).


Jo-Yu Chen: Obsession

Read "Obsession" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Allieva di Kenny Barron, Jason Moran e Sam Yahel, la pianista taiwanese fa il suo ingresso sulla scena del jazz dalla porta principale, debuttando in trio con un lavoro co-prodotto con il suo mentore Yahel, grande strumentista ancora in attesa dei dovuti riconoscimenti. Il CD dopo essere apparso sul mercato come autoproduzione è stato poco dopo ...


Label: Self Produced
Released: 2010
Track listing: Night and Day; Bridges/Travessia; Samurai; Atras da Porta; Moondance; I Could Have Told You; Obsession; My Little Brown Book; Chega de Saudade; The Island; Someone to Light Up My Life; Oceano; Love for Life; I Close My Eyes.


Erika: Obsession

Read "Obsession" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Qual è l'ossessione della giovane Erika Matsuo? Farsi largo nel mondo delle vocalist jazz, per esempio. Come? Interpretando nel suo CD di esordio classici a 360 gradi per genere e autori. Si va da Cole Porter ("Night and Day") a Van Morrison ("Moondance"), passando per Milton Nascimento ("Bridges/Travessia"), Antonio Carlos Jobim ("Chega de Saudade"), Chico Buarque ...


Erika: Obsession

Read "Obsession" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Young vocalist Erika springs a surprise on herself with Obsession. Japanese by birth and schooled relatively recently in jazz, she is not only pitch-perfect while singing in English, but negotiates Brazilian charts in Portuguese with near perfect emotion (if not always perfect diction). The biggest surprise of all is the Japanese repertoire, with which she rounds ...


Erika: Obsession

Read "Obsession" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Obsession is vocalist Erika Matsuo's debut CD, but it comes after a long and varied musical career that includes the all-girl rock band Tear Drops, in her native Japan, and work with the City College of New York's Latin jazz band. This is the debut, therefore, of an experienced singer and it shows in Matsuo's confident ...


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