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Fat Daddy

Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: You Turned The Tables On Me; On Revival Day; How Can You Face Me; That's All There Is To That; It's Too Hot For Words; Cow Cow Boogie; I Cover The Waterfront; It's A Pity To Say Goodnight; My Old Flame; Fat Daddy; I Can't Face The Music; Sugar; These Foolish Things; Trav'lin All Alone.

Early Season

Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: Early Season; Blues Mood; Short Movies; Circling; Breeze; Hard Work; Monk in Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam; Walk


Marty Elkins: Fat Daddy

Read "Fat Daddy" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The jazz world is full of singers who deserve a higher profile than they have, and Marty Elkins is most certainly one of them. This trad-jazz true believer and pliantly phrasing charmer has a way with words and an appreciation for the finer things in sound and song. Some might call her an aural antiquarian, but ...


Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2017
Track listing: Index; Dig It; Frames; And Then; Starlet; Living Materials; Indaco; Northern Winds; Circle; Le Onde di Albi; Gold and Blues; Next Life; Parallels Universes; Goodnight Mrs Giuliana

Jin Pureum Live in Europe

Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: Francisco; These Are Soulful Days; Adam's Apple; Stardust; If You Want Joy; Glass Eyes; Lotus Blossom; Holy Land; Fiesta Espanola

Happy Together - Live At Birdland Volume One

Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: Vignette; I Want to Be Happy; Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You; The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise; Polka Dots and Moonbeams; In Your Own Sweet Way; Centerpiece.

The Chosen

Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: Mr PC; The Chosen; If I Were A Bell; Caravan; They Can't Take That Away From Me; To Nola With Love; The Right Touch; Urban Serengeti; Drum Line; I'm The Big Chief Of Congo Square.


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