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Matt Geraghty

Matt Geraghty is a bassist without borders, a sonic traveler whose musical pursuits have drawn him to the local music scenes on four continents. Geraghty has collaborated with musicians from Brazil, Colombia, West Africa, Japan, India, and Trinidad, and has journeyed deep into the musical enclaves of Spain, France, Portugal, Cuba, Colombia, and the Philippines. Matt's list of music collaborations crosses all genres of music and includes projects and recordings with 4-time grammy winning pianist Gil Goldstein, 7-time grammy winning drummer Paul Wertico, Polish star vocalist Anna Maria Jopek, Indian Sarangi Master Ramesh Misra and grammy winning harmonica virtuoso and original member of Bela Fleck and Flecktones Howard Levy. Drawing inspiration from Pat Metheny's melodic clarity and Herbie Hancock's moody, electric grooves, Geraghty crafts a global sound that's rooted in the style of contemporary jazz


Released: 2012
Track listing: 1. Gdy nie zrozumiesz; 2. The Girl from Barrio Alto; 3. Niekochaine; 4. Leaving My Gipsy Woman in Vienna; 5. Song for Joanna; 6. When Clouds Speak; 7. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress; 8. Flight 417; 9. Sunset Streaks the Airplane Wing; 10. Midnight in Madrid; 11. Lost in Shinjuku; 12. Manhattan in Three Minutes.


Farah Siraj Presents World Premier Of The Arabian Jazz Project In New York on August 4th

Farah Siraj Presents World Premier Of The Arabian Jazz Project In New York on August 4th

Dubbed “the Norah Jones of the Middle East,” Jordanian virtuoso Farah Siraj launches her latest project in New York, The Arabian Jazz Project, in collaboration with award-winning pianist and arranger, Victor Gutierrez. Siraj leads an ethnically diverse quintet based in New York. With Farah Siraj from Jordan, Victor Gutierrez from Spain, Matt Geraghty from the United ...


Matt Geraghty Project: Departures

Read "Departures" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Sono diversi i motivi di interesse di Departures, l'album a nome del bassista Matt Geraghty che in questa occasione si avvale della collaborazione di una band allargata a diversi musicisti - tra i quali gli affermati Avishai Cohen e Johnathan Kreisberg - con molte frecce emozionali nel proprio arco espressivo. All'iniziale mood orientaleggiante di “The Girl ...


Label: Omnilingual Records
Released: 2011


Matt Geraghty Project - Departures (2011)

Matt Geraghty Project - Departures (2011)

Bassist Matt Geraghty found the perfect name for his new contemporary jazz release, since Departure moves so very far outside of the expectations for labels like “contemporary jazz." Geraghty opens with a short instrumental piece featuring Ramesh Misra on the sarangi, a bowed stringed instrument from North India, before a gentle piano interlude from Misha Tsiganov ...


Matt Geraghty Project - 2011 Release "Departures"

On his 4th recording Departures bassist and composer Matt Geraghty propels his cross pollination of jazz and world music into new territory. Bringing together musicians from Poland, India, Armenia, Russia, Brazil, New York and Chicago Matt presents 12 new internationally inspired compositions. Departures features contributions of Polish vocalist Anna Maria Jopek, Indian sarangi virtuoso Ramesh Misra, ...


The Matt Geraghty Project at Bowery Poetry Club in NYC - Sunday 7:30PM

The Matt Geraghty Project at Bowery Poetry Club in NYC - Sunday 7:30PM

The Matt Geraghty Project, led by bassist and composer Matt Geraghty, is an ambitious modern musical effort revealing exciting and cutting-edge cross-cultural concepts. The global texture of the group is cultivated by Indian vocalist Satya Gummuluri who sings in Urdu, Hindi, and Punjab and Geraghty's compositions that blend jazz, rock, funk and music from Brazil, Spain, ...


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