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Le Voyage

Label: September
Released: 2017
Track listing: #1 Perduto Amore #2 Inch' Allah #3 Une Larme Aux Nuage #4 La Nuit #5 Tombe La Neige #6 Sans Toi Ma Mie #7 Le Voyage

Le Voyage

Label: Intakt Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: 1. Les Vilains - 7:34; 2. Vreneli Ab Em Guggisberg - 7:15; 3. One For Makaya - 1:55; 4. Akimbo - 6:52; 5. - As Far As That Goes... - 10:09; 6. Anapana - 3:12; 7. Attila Est-tu Là? - 3:11; 8. Wrong Name - 7:11.


Pierre Favre Ensemble: Le Voyage

Read "Le Voyage" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Ciò che da sempre rende diverso Pierre Favre da molti colleghi (almeno dai tempi del collettivo Singing Drums) è il fatto che - nonostante sia un batterista - non è mai debordante. Può anche far sorridere, ma la storia della musica moderna ci viene in aiuto, raccontando di chiari protagonismi che (non se ne vogliano i ...

Le Voyage

Label: Intakt Records
Released: 2011
Track listing: Les Vilains; Vreneli ab em Guggisberg; One For Makaya; Akimbo; As Far As That Goes; Anapana; Attila est-tu la?; Wrong Name.


Pierre Favre Ensemble: Le Voyage

Read "Le Voyage" reviewed by Nic Jones

Pierre Favre is a scion of the improvisation scene in Europe and beyond. There's always been a reflective element in his drum and percussion work that suggests a slightly conservative disposition which has been manifested in a kind of politeness and reticence. Those two qualities in many respects sum up the music on this disc. While ...


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