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Kip Hanrahan

Kip Hanrahan - producer,arranger,composer, A producer, a composer, a percussionist and facilitator, Kip Hanrahan has an uncanny ability to assemble remarkable musicians and apply their talents in interesting ways. The results are often magical. His records are as enigmatic as he is, and maybe that heightens the attraction and expectation. The results of his American Clavé productions have garnered a cultist reputation, yet a lot of people have heard them or at least of them. He chooses to remain in the shadows, an obscure figure that turns the knobs and brings it all together. Hanrahan’s recorded legacy speaks volumes of his knowledge and abilities to bring out the best of musicians that accompany him on his fantastic sojourns. Kip Hanrahan started out as a percussionist, a fairly left-field occupation for an Irish-Jewish boy, even if he did grow up in a Puerto Rican neighborhood of the Bronx, New York


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Rubén Blades: Salswing!

Read "Salswing!" reviewed by Jim Trageser

In the liner notes to this recording, veteran Latin pop singer Rubén Blades explains that Salswing! is meant as a demonstrative statement: About his own ability to grow beyond being a Panamanian singer, to show that musicians can speak to an audience beyond their own nationality, and to celebrate the stellar chops of the Roberto Delgado ...


Crescent Moon Waning

Label: American Clavé
Released: 2018
Track listing: She Can Measure the History of Dreams; Lucia's Young Night; Dancing with Sweetness, Tonight; Perfect Math, In a Model Bronx Childhood; Our Reflection in the Turbulent Heat (It's Really You...); Silvana Laughs at the Film Noir Shadows (For Silvana DeLuigi); Andy Laughs at One of the Few Golden Veins in Our Bronx Childhood (For Andy Gonzalez); We Were Not Alone (Fernando Looks for Closure - But There's Never Any...)(For Lou And Jack); Name Us Light; Sometimes I Can Go for Nights, Forgetting; She and He Describe The Exact Same Intimate Moment; A Naked Woman, Comfortable (1- Giacomo and Kip, With The Clarity of Lucy, Explain the Recording Techniques of the Rekid); A More Naked Man, Frightened (2 - Giacomo and Kip, With the Clarity of Lucy, Explain the Recording Techniques of the Rekid); The Dusk Coming to a Moving Rest (3- Giacomo and Kip, With The Clarity of Lucy, Explain the Recording Techniques of the Rekid); Somewhere in the Deepest Blue, There’s a Woman Who Knows... (Grayson's Grasp of the Light of the Dreamless Moon, And Sings It Through the Next Take of “She Can Measure The History Of Dreams”… ) A.K.A. Alternate Understanding / Take of “She Can Measure The History Of Dreams…” (4:31); The Heat Changed the Colors of My Eyes; The Night Finding It’s Form; Some Scottish Lullaby; In Olinda, She Calmly Explained the Use of the Reflexive...; All Us Working Class Boys.


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Kip Hanrahan: Crescent Moon Waning

Read "Crescent Moon Waning" reviewed by Vic Albani

Dopo tre anni di gestazione, crowdfounding e il classico perfezionismo che lo ha sempre contraddistinto (il disco è stato in realtà registrato da luglio 2015 a dicembre 2016) con uno strano scadenzario di pubblicazione si può finalmente dire a dicembre 2018 che il nuovo lavoro discografico di Kip Hanharan è finalmente disponibile in tutto il mondo. ...


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Kip Hanrahan, Ingrid Jensen and other great new releases

Read "Kip Hanrahan, Ingrid Jensen and other great new releases" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

The bonanza of new releases goes on. So let's dive right in and find out more about the much-awaited return of Kip Hanrahan; music inspired by fictional or real whales (courtesy of David Crowell & Simon Jermyn and Garth Stevenson); a heart-felt Kenny Wheeler Tribute by Ingrid Jensen and Steve Treseler, the second installment of Nicole ...


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Jazz & Poetry

Read "Jazz & Poetry" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

The best of jazz is aural poetry. The best of poetry swings and grooves. So it's not surprising that jazz and poetry have had a long and fruitful synergy. We decided to explore intriguing collaborations between jazz musicians and poets, from the icons of the Beat Generation to Amiri Baraka, from Federico Garcia ...


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Johan Lindström Septett: Music For Empty Halls

Read "Music For Empty Halls" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There is an old soul lurking in the body of guitarist Johan Lindström. I mean both the body corporal and his guitar body. His septet recording Music For Empty Halls draws the ear back to a time when music was less rushed and much more thoughtful. He's assembled a collection of compositions in a most considerate ...

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Il Grande Incantatore

Read "Il Grande Incantatore" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

“Il Grande Incantatore" A cura di Giorgio Rimondi 159 pagine ISBN: 978-88-98922-26-0 Agenzia X 2016 Ishmael Reed è uno dei massimi scrittori e poeti afroamericani, noto anche in Italia per il fondamentale “Mumbo Jumbo" e autore prolifico con all'attivo nove romanzi, cinque raccolte di poesie, vari testi teatrali e ...


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Sonic Liberation 8 with Classical Revolution Trio & Oliver Lake: Bombogenic

Read "Bombogenic" reviewed by Dave Wayne

There are a few artists out there who are successfully merging authentic traditional Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms with 21st Century jazz in a way that refers to, but doesn't sound like, typical Latin jazz: Adam Rudolph's Go Organic Orchestra and Kip Hanrahan's various groups immediately come to mind. Taking their cues equally from the early 70s ...


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Alfredo Triff: Parodies: Jazz Music for Violin and Octet

Read "Parodies: Jazz Music for Violin and Octet" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

American-Cuban violinist Alfredo Triff is known for his long-standing work with composer-arranger-songwriter-producer Kip Hanrahan that began in 1985--five years after Triff arrived to New york from Havana, Cuba--and continues to this day. But Triff's work encompasses more than Hanrahan music. He experimented with recording solo electric violin, released solo albums that presented his diverse musical interests ...


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