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Meet Tom Kohn

Read "Meet Tom Kohn" reviewed by Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper

Like many of our Jazz Super Fans, Tom Kohn's passion for music started when he was a teen, with a job in a record store and a penchant for acquiring albums that would impress even the most dedicated adult collectors. He grew up into a music business day job but, after suffering a life-changing event, he ...


Pete Brown: White Rooms & Imaginary Westerns, Part 2

Read "Pete Brown: White Rooms & Imaginary Westerns, Part 2" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Part 1 | Part 2 1966 was an important year in British popular music. Bob Dylan, performing with the Hawks, was booed for “going electric" at Manchester Free Trade Hall. The Rolling Stones topped the charts for the first time with “Paint It Black." The Beatles, fresh from the John Lennon “Bigger than Jesus" ...


John Kelman's Best Releases of 2018

Read "John Kelman's Best Releases of 2018" reviewed by John Kelman

Once again, the chronic health problem that has reduced my writing pace to a crawl continues without any respite. My best of the year lists have traditionally been predicated upon having reviewed the releases chosen, but with only a relative handful of reviews to choose from this year (and with those choices, more than ever now, ...


Label: Croatia Records
Released: 2012


Label: Anzic Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: 1. Shufla de Shufla; 02. Blues for Dandi's Orange Bull Chasing an Orange Sack ; 03. With the Soul of the Greatest of Them All (Dedicated to Charles Mingus); 04. The Mooch; 05. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans; 06. Rhapsody in Blake; 07. On the Sunny Side of the Street; 08. 8. Tiger Rag; 09. Family; 10. Roll ‘Em Pete.


3 Cohens: Family

Read "Family" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Terza reunion discografica per i fratelli Cohen (di cui avevamo recensito Braid nel 2008) questa volta decisi a proporre una aggiornata rivisitazione della tradizione hardboppistica. In primo piano energiche sonorità nel segno del più classico mainstream, forgiate dalla straripante espressività dei tre fiati. Ben suonata oltre che energica, la musica proposta non guarda però oltre il ...


3 Cohens: Family

Read "Family" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

It's a family affair that provides a luminous glimpse into the 3 Cohen's' broad jazz vernacular and notable technical expertise. With a formidable supporting lineup, the artists communicate an appealing mix of standards and originals, positioned on a It's a family affair that provides a luminous glimpse into the 3 Cohens' broad jazz vernacular and notable ...


Label: Anzic Records
Released: 2011


Label: Dreyfus Jazz
Released: 2009


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