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Chris Humphrey

A jazz vocalist, whose primary focus is the use of the voice as an instrument, Chris is an improvisor and composer as well as an interpreter of song. He is a veteran jazz singer, having worked with Denon recording artists, THE RITZ, and vocal jazz quintet, VOCALEASE. With THE RITZ, he recorded the CD "Almost Blue", which featured his singing, composing, and arranging talents. As a soloist, he has been dubbed an "outstanding talent" (Sheila Jordan) and "a creative force" (Roberta Davis) by critics and performers who have heard his work. He has performed at Blue Note Jazz Clubs in New York, Tokyo, Jakarta, and Fukuoka, Japan

Nothing but Blue Sky

Label: Cadence Jazz Records
Released: 2008
Track listing: I Can See Clearly Now; Friday The 13th; If I Should Lose You; Anna's Song (Safe In My Arms); Swingin' 'Til The Girls Come Home; Solitude; In Walked Bud; Lullaby For Jackson; A Love So Strong; One Note Samba; Every Time I Feel The Spirit.


Chris Humphrey: Nothing but Blue Sky

Read "Nothing but Blue Sky" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Vocalist/composer Chris Humphrey's release Nothing but Blue Sky continues a recent trend of jazz vocal recordings that feature the vocalist backed sparingly with a piano trio or less instrumentation, without brass or reeds. This enables craftsmen like Humphrey to both explore and display their talents for both singing and, in the case of Humphrey, arranging the ...

Nothing But Blue Sky

Released: 2007
Track listing: 01. I Can See Clearly Now (Johhny Nash); 02. Friday the 13th (T. Monk); 03. If I Should Loose You (R. Ranger/L. Robin); 04. Anna’s Song (C. Humphrey); 05. Swingin’ Til the Girls Come Home (O. pettiford/J. Hendricks); 06. Solitude (D. Ellington); 07. In Walked Bud (T. Monk); 08. Lullaby for Jackson (C./J. Humphrey); 09. A Love So Strong (C. Humphrey) ; 10. One Note Samba (A.C. Jobim/M. Newton); 11. Every Time I Feel The Spirit (tradizionale).


Chris Humphrey: Nothing But Blue Sky

Read "Nothing But Blue Sky" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Raggiunta la soglia dei quarant’anni, Chris Humphrey firma il suo primo disco da leader per la Cadence. Un’opera meditata a lungo, che ben sintetizza il segno espressivo di un artista duttile, che è al tempo stesso vocalist, arrangiatore ed autore di testi. Grazie ad una cifra espressiva agile ed incisiva, Humphrey si distingue nel panorama del ...


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