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Perpetual Motion

Label: Ayler Records
Released: 2023
Track listing: Perpetual Motion I; Perpetual Motion II; Perpetual Motion III; Perpetual Motion IV.


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Satoko Fujii: One Hundred And Counting!

Read "Satoko Fujii: One Hundred And  Counting!" reviewed by Doug Collette

Satoko Fujii is that rare artist whose technical and intuitive talents are as readily apparent in collaboration with others as when she is working on her own. To that end, she seems bent on exploring as deeply as possible the innumerable combinations of musicians and instruments available to her. And that's not to mention the variety ...


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Satoko Fujii: Perpetual Motion

Read "Perpetual Motion" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Space may be the final frontier for some, but for pianist Satoko Fujii and guitarist Otomo Yoshihide its inner and outer most reaches, string theories, bosons, black holes and wormholes have provided a veritable playground, an infinite source of daring and inspiration. So one might wonder why it took these two mainstays of the ...


Song of the Day

Perpetual Motion III

Label: Ayler Records
Released: 2023
Duration: 5:59

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Satoko Fujii, Otomo Yoshihide: Perpetual Motion

Read "Perpetual Motion" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Inciso in quel di Tokio all'inizio del 2022, è da qualche settimana sul mercato questo nuovo lavoro della pianista Satoko Fujii, discograficamente attivissima nell'anno dei suoi sessanta (2018, con un disco al mese) e comunque incline a documentarsi con una certa assiduità nel settore specifico al di là di celebrazioni e ricorrenze varie. ...


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Satoko Fujii & Otomo Yoshihide: Perpetual Motion

Read "Perpetual Motion" reviewed by Mark Corroto

This duo has been a long time in the making. Two giants of the Japanese music scene finally perform together, and it only took thirty years to happen. Each musician has a decorated career in solo performance, Satoko Fujii at the piano and Otomo Yoshihide with either guitar, turntables, or electronics. They both also guide larger ...


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Sylvaine Hélary: Glowing Life

Read "Glowing Life" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Is flute an odd one out in the present jazz field? Not really and not at all in France. France not only has Michel Edelin in the older generation, it has still more flautists in the younger generation that are also bandleaders in their own right, for example Magic Malik, Eve Risser, Naïssam Jalal and, of ...


Glowing Life

Label: Ayler Records
Released: 2020
Track listing: Aprés la pluie; Thinking to Dance; Glowing Life; Thinking of Solitude; Introduction to Beginning; Where it Begins.


Time Elleipsis

Label: Ayler Records
Released: 2020
Track listing: Nâga convulsions; Sentence | Samsara; Luasamla | Points cardinaux; Saneu kham Samout; Nirmanakâyâ | Dhyâna; Dharmakâya - Oiseaux terrifiants; Sukha.


Article: Album Review

Frederick Galiay: Time Elleipsis

Read "Time Elleipsis" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This largely electric French quintet discloses a vastly experimental and often fascinating series of works that intertwine into a multipart suite of indexed titles directed by bassist Frederick Galiay. As the press material states, the bassist “was a laureate for a Hors les murs residency program initiated by the French Institute," spanning Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and ...




Yoko Yates


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