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Herbie Hancock: Seven Decades of Imagination

Read "Herbie Hancock: Seven Decades of Imagination" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

In the jazz world, certain figures exist purely as first names, their reputation assuring recognition. When ones hears the name Herbie, the mind jumps immediately to possibly the most famous 'rhythm section' in history: Herbie, Ron and Tony. That group included two more figures for whom last names are unnecessary, Miles and Wayne. Herbert Jeffrey Hancock ...

Steve Lacy: Let’s Call This…Esteem; Hall Egg Farm 2000.10.16; November and Ideal Bread's Transmit

Read "Steve Lacy: Let’s Call This…Esteem; Hall Egg Farm 2000.10.16; November and Ideal Bread's Transmit" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Steve Lacy/Mal WaldronLet's Call This...EsteemSLAM-Silta2010 Steve LacyHall Egg Farm 2000.10.16Suigyu2010 Steve LacyNovemberIntakt2010 Ideal BreadTransmitCuneiform2010

Trumpet & Piano: Dennis González/João Paulo & Enrico Rava/Ran Blake

Read "Trumpet & Piano: Dennis González/João Paulo & Enrico Rava/Ran Blake" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Dennis González / João PauloScapeGraceClean Feed2009 Enrico Rava / Ran BlakeDuo En NoirBetween the Lines2009 Different instruments paired in duet with piano bring out unique facets. With drums, its percussive ...


The Necks: Silverwater

Read "Silverwater" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

A recent conversation brought up the question why anyone would buy a CD by the Australian trio The Necks. The interlocutor wasn't questioning the quality of the band, merely wondering about listening to them any way other than live. The reason is the same why people read Tennessee Williams plays--appreciating genius outside of the visceral experience. ...


Marilyn Lerner: Arms Spread Wide & Ugly Beauties

Read "Marilyn Lerner: Arms Spread Wide & Ugly Beauties" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Marilyn Lerner/Ken Filiano/Lou GrassiArms Spread WideNo Business2009 Marilyn Lerner/Matt Brubeck/Nick FraserUgly BeautiesActuelle2009 A quick perusal of Canadian pianist Marilyn Lerner's website presents a musician whose projects are both typically and ...


Globe Unity: Holland

Read "Globe Unity: Holland" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Ab Baars/Ig Henneman/Misha MengelbergSliptongWig2009 Wolter WierbosDeiningDolFijn2009 Michiel BraamNon-Functionals!BBB2009 Dutch jazz has been around since the 1920s and changed radically in the aftermath ...


Gunter Baby Sommer / Manfred Schoof / Gianluigi Trovesi / Barre Phillips: Peitzer Grand Mit Vieren

Read "Peitzer Grand Mit Vieren" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

This 1981 live set, taken from the Jazzwerkstatt Peitz at one time the biggest jazz festival in Germany outside of Berlin, organized by Ulli Blobel and Peter Metag, is a discographist's dream. It presents the earliest official recording of bassist Barre Phillips playing with trumpeter Manfred Schoof (predating Gunter Hampel's Jubilation (Birth, 1983) by over two ...


Globe Unity: Russia

Read "Globe Unity: Russia" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Anthony Braxton / Maral YakshievaImprovisations (Duo) 2008SoLyd2009 Alex RostotskyPictures at an Exhibition or Promenade with Mussorgsky One Records-JazzBass Theatre2009 Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky/Andrei Kondakov/ Vladimir VolkovIn Search of a StandardLeo


Reaching Into The Unknown 1964-2009

Read "Reaching Into The Unknown 1964-2009" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Reaching Into The Unknown 1964-2009 Jacques Bisceglia/Steve Dalachinsky softcover; 440 pages ISBN: n/a Rogue Art 2009 Jazz and modern poetry seem ideally suited, in temperament if not exactly aesthetic. Though it is designed to mimic the cadences of a freeform improvisation, jazz poetry is still a ...


Bobby Previte: Pan Atlantic

Read "Pan Atlantic" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

The “mashup," the blending of two or more songs to create a new work, has steadily gained popularity over the last decade. It is only fitting then that creative musicians feel free to utilize a similar approach when producing original music. Drummer Bobby Previte's Pan Atlantic seems to be an excellent example. The ...


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