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Read "Wodgi" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Trumpeter Dave Holdsworth has graced a number of key jazz recordings over the years, notably with Mike Westbrook, Barry Guy and Tony Oxley. At the same time, he recorded rather less than many of his peers from that important period in British jazz in the late '60s/early '70s. Instead of the vagaries of a career in ...

In Memory of Lou Gare

Read "In Memory of Lou Gare" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Best known for his work with the experimental, avant-garde collective AMM Music, Lou Gare began his career in jazz in the early 1960s, playing in one of Mike Westbrook's early groups. In more recent times, in Devon, he reconnected with Westbrook and became a stalwart member of Westbrook's orchestra and an inspiration to its younger musicians. ...


Marcus Vergette: The Marsyas Suite

Read "The Marsyas Suite" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Le sue sculture--campane la cui forma favorisce particolari relazioni armoniche -sono state esposte al Guggenheim di Venezia. È anche agricoltore, regista e contrabbassista nella Mike Westbrook Orchestra. Si chiama Marcus Vergette e con The Marsyas Suite ci offre un lavoro di grande intensità e sicuro spessore. Ispirato a “La punizione di Marsia" di Tiziano (dipinto violento ...