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Paul Dietrich Jazz Ensemble (featuring Clarence Penn): Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by Troy Dostert

There's something to be said for acknowledging one's artistic debts. It's a trait especially prominent in jazz, where musicians paying tribute to their forebears is commonplace, a way to sustain the tradition and recognize its continual evolution. Trumpeter and composer Paul Dietrich has certainly done that with the debut recording from his large ensemble, Forward. Although ...


Brian Landrus: Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Non è da tutti una volta terminati gli studi riuscire ad incidere il disco d'esordio con i propri insegnanti, musicisti che rispondono al nome di John Lockwood, Bob Moses, George Garzone, Allan Chase, Michael Cain. Il multi strumentista Brian Landrus (suona una infinità di strumenti a fiato compresi oboe e fagotto) c'è riuscito, licenziando un album ...


Brian Landrus: Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Forward is a magical sonic journey charted by reeds and woodwinds master, Brian Landrus and explores the tonal depths of the ocean of sound that fewer saxophonists seem to traverse these days. Landrus plays baritone saxophone and bass clarinet on this adventure in sound, as well as alto flute, all of which makes for a breathtaking ...


Brian Landrus: Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Forward, multi-instrumentalist Brian Landrus' first album, begins by looking back--with a version of Thelonious Monk's “Ask Me Now." This is, perhaps, a nod of recognition to past masters but Landrus' arrangement adds a freshness made even more effective by his use of the baritone sax as the lead instrument. The rest of the album, which was ...


Ettore Carucci: Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Più che un disco d’esordio, è questo il frutto più fecondo di una personalità artistica ben definita, con tutte le carte in regola per imporsi sulla scena jazz italiana. Classe ’69, Ettore Carucci vanta una preparazione accademica di prim’ordine e significative collaborazioni con Tiziana Ghiglioni, Tony Scott, Roberto Ottaviano e Marcello Rosa. Swing, senso della misura; ...


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