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3x3: Piano Trios: August 2019

Read "3x3: Piano Trios: August 2019" reviewed by Geno Thackara

Yoko Miwa Trio
Keep Talkin'
Ocean Blue Tear Music

When Yoko Miwa and her trio-mates get to talking, it's no wonder they only want to keep going and going. Their playful bantering elevates everything on offer here, from a couple venerable standards through a handful of playful originals showing the ...


Northbound, Seamus Blake: Northbound

Read "Northbound" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Due finlandesi e due statunitensi (uno d'adozione) compongono il quartetto protagonista di questo solido album di post-bop, muscolare ma senza eccessi, con infiltrazioni, a macchia di leopardo, di quanto avvenuto in seguito. Subito gli iniziali “Counterparts" e “Awakening" costituiscono in tal senso un eloquente biglietto da visita, che il successivo “Forgotten" provvede ad ampliare in quanto ...

Iro Haarla: Northbound

Read "Northbound" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Beauty can mean many different things, but in my view of music, the concept centers around euphony, construction and the listener's emotional response. Consonant intervals, melodic lines that have internal logic, chord progressions that create and release tension, and timbres that blend together all work toward the beautiful. Add to this the mental imagery that some ...


Iro Haarla: Northbound

Read "Northbound" reviewed by Chris May

During the 1980s and '90s, Iro Haarla was content to keep away from the limelight and act as the generally unacknowledged inner architect of the music of her husband, drummer Edward Vesala, and his Sound & Fury group. Haarla met Vesala shortly after leaving Helsinki's Sibelius Academy in 1978, and until his death in 1999 she ...


Iro Haarla: Northbound

Read "Northbound" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Sarà forse necessario, prima o poi, definire meglio e con precisione il famoso “stile ECM”, tanto noto e riconoscibile, quanto descritto in termini per lo più vaghi e in genere non sufficienti a definirne i tratti caratteristici (come del resto avviene per altri stilemi della musica improvvisata, o jazzistica che dir si voglia, come i riferimenti alla musica afroamericana, ...


Iro Haarla: Northbound

Read "Northbound" reviewed by John Kelman

Iro Haarla may not be particularly well-known, but the Finnish pianist/harpist's influence has been felt by anyone familiar with the work of her late husband, drummer Edward Vesala. According to saxophonist Trygve Seim--who not only played with Vesala towards the end of his life, but is also part of Haarla's quintet on her ECM debut, Northbound--Haarla ...