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Eve Risser / Benjamin Duboc / Edward Perraud: En Corps Generation

Read "En Corps Generation" reviewed by John Sharpe

The eponymous debut En Corps (Dark Tree, 2012) by the French triumvirate of pianist Eve Risser, bassist Benjamin Duboc and drummer Edward Perraud made several year-end lists, and Génération belongs in the same category. Les Deux Versants Se Regardent (Clean Feed, 2016) by Risser's White Desert Orchestra revealed her as a composer of note, as well ...


Gent Jazz Festival 2015: Part 1

Read "Gent Jazz Festival 2015: Part 1" reviewed by Martin Longley

Gent Jazz Festival
Gent, Belgium
July 10-12, 2015

Part 1 | Part 2

A bold beginning was made with the festival's opening night, perhaps concentrating on some of director Bertrand Flamang's personal favourites. This evening was never destined to be a sell-out session, but ...

Dawn of Midi: Dysnomia

Read "Dysnomia" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

Clinicamente, la Dysnomia è una sindrome afasica per cui non si riescono a ricordare parole o nomi.
Non è difficile credere di esserne affetti quando si tenta di trovare qualche esperienza musicale affine a questo progetto dei Dawn of Midi, e questo è già un ottimo risultato!

Perché è un piano ...


Mark F. Turner's Best of 2013

Read "Mark F. Turner's Best of 2013" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Jazz keeps growing and evolving through all of its permutations and 2013 was another stellar year of music. It's always difficult to pick the best from a host of outstanding releases yet the task is a labor of admiration. Another cool thing about “Year End" lists is discovering something new. Here are just a few of ...


RED Trio: Rebento

Read "Rebento" reviewed by John Sharpe

Piano trios which accentuate the abstract facets of the format have become increasingly widespread in recent years, although boasting a legacy which stretches back to the pioneering outfits of British pianist Howard Riley in the late 1960s with bassist Barry Guy. Foremost among the current roll call, which includes Frenchwoman Eve Risser, Spaniard Agusti Fernandez, and ...


Dawn of Midi: Dysnomia

Read "Dysnomia" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

The script gets flipped in Dysnomia, where calculated syncopations are not generated from laptops or patched-in devices but produced by the post-minimalist acoustic trio Dawn of Midi, paying homage to electronica with 46 minutes of methodically composed music. But then again what is music? As defined by Merriam-Webster: it is a science or art of ordering ...


Dawn Of Midi Announces Release Of "Dysnomia" Out August 6th, 2013 On Thirsty Ear Recordings

Dawn Of Midi Announces Release Of "Dysnomia" Out August 6th, 2013 On Thirsty Ear Recordings

“Cannot urge you more strongly: go see Dawn of Midi” – Sasha Frere-Jones, The New Yorker “An unplugged translation of contemporary electronica…state-of-the-art.” – Time Out NY “Seriously never seen anything like these guys.” – Jad Abumrad, Radiolab Thirsty Ear Recordings is excited to announce the release of Dawn of Midi‘s sophomore full-length Dysnomia, out August 6th, 2013. In celebration ...


Dawn of Midi - First (Accretions)

Dawn of Midi - First (Accretions)

Acoustic instruments operating under a band name implying electronic elements. Unconventionality existing within a context implying convention. These are just two of the intriguing contradictions that accompany this multi-national piano trio. The packaging of their aptly-titled debut is short on descriptive information- just track titles, personnel, website, and a few other bits and pieces of detail. ...