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Updated: September 1, 2023

Born: June 28

The roots of Yulia Petrova’s extraordinary & exquisite technique as an artist & composer today, can all be traced back to the earliest days of her childhood, when she first discovered her connection to music by learning how to play piano at the age of five.  Though extremely young at the time, it was instantly clear she had a genuinely special gift and exceptional talent for her age, and it was only three years later before Yulia began to compose her very first songs, establishing her passions & pathway forward in life.

With a natural skillset that was undeniably unique, Yulia attended a dedicated music conservatory in the city of Novosibirsk in Russia, and continued to educate herself both inside & outside of school.  While she studied Classical music during her teenage years, she also expanded her palette in listening outside of school-hours, soon learning that her interests included Rock, Blues, Fusion, and eventually, even Jazz. Yulia’s love for multiple styles of music would come in more than handy – before she was even finished with her studies, she was already writing original songs for advertising companies and teaching her own students.  Her diverse musical taste pointed towards her destiny, and helped shape her future to follow. 

Embracing versatility and the creative freedom inherent in truly expressive music, Yulia went on to excel through her years studying theory & composition at the conservatory, while also testing out her talents in live performances in local bands, and supporting other artists with her passionate instrumentation.  With an intense understanding of how to use music as our universal language, and how to connect the hearts & minds of listeners through her God-given talents – Yulia went from working & teaching from a young age, to dreaming about taking that all-important next step, and recording her own original songs.

In 2016, Yulia’s stunning debut single “Storm” featuring the legendary talents of guitarist Sergey Ignatov verifiably proved she was a sonic force to be reckoned with, and immediately solidified her place in the music-scene.  An authentic tour-de-force – since its release, “Storm” has gone on to receive wild critical acclaim, winning the top honors at the Los Angeles Film Awards, the Lonely Seal International Film & Music Festival, the American Songwriting Awards, and the Hollywood Songwriting contest – all in 2019!

Yulia would go on to continue to impress listeners all around the globe & take home even more awards as she emerged as an artist with a bright future ahead.  In fact, she’s never released a song that hasn’t been selected for anything less than the top spot in competitions to-date, with 2019’s “Where There Is Nothing To Say” & her collaboration with Joel McCray on “King Of Kings,” and 2020’s “For You” featuring Grammy Award-winning producer Madukwu Chinwah, all being recognized in various ways throughout the international scene with recognition for best performances, best songwriter, and best original songs.

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Meet Yulia I was born in Siberia. In 2000 there were cardinal changes in my life--I moved to the USA.  My formation as a musician began in childhood, from the age of age I began to learn to play the piano, and a little later to compose and record my music on sheet music. I studied at a specialized music school, then at the conservatory. I have always loved to compose music and this love has remained with me for the ...

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Flutist Yulia Musayelyan’s 'Unsaid' Tastefully Combines Global Folk Traditions With Her Own Ingenuity To Leave An Irrevocable Mark On Modern Jazz

Flutist Yulia Musayelyan’s 'Unsaid' Tastefully Combines Global Folk Traditions With Her Own Ingenuity To Leave An Irrevocable Mark On Modern Jazz

Source: Outside in Music

Flutist and composer Yulia Musayelyan is truly a global citizen, and her music reflects this multiculturalism with a brilliance flowing from her respectful and masterful synthesis of international folk styles as she carries them forward into the fold of modern jazz. Unsaid documents a decade of learning, creating, and refining as Yulia and her music have grown to become a powerful voice that is far greater than the sum of their constituent parts. Ten years passed since Yulia previously stepped ...

"Most of the extraordinary music that Yulia has released has crossed the borders of  Smooth Jazz music into the universal realm of religion, society and has caused a positive change in so many ways." 

"Yulia is generally skilled in composing jazz music with a distinguished level of creativeness. Her blend of different instruments delivers a unique sound with a very firm grip on music theory. Her musical improvisation is ear candy to the Smooth Jazz palate."

"Sounding like a whole movie theme, Yulia’s latest single titled “Keep The faith” is an incredibly significant piece that is going to break new ground in Jazz innovation and outside the classical orchestra sphere." 
Pump It Up magazine, Aug.2022

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