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Formats – Solo Through Nonet

Read "Formats – Solo Through Nonet" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

One plus Two, equals three, and so on. What arbitrary combo size constitutes a big band? None of these.

Solo: Jamie Saft
Solo a Genova
RareNoise Records

That musical provocateur Jamie Saft, he is a prankster. After making all kinds of noise with the likes of Metallic Taste ...


Jorn Swart: Malnoia

Read "Malnoia" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Questo Malnoia è un lavoro singolare sin dalla composizione biografica dei suoi tre componenti, tutti presenti sulla scena newyorchese ma per due terzi di provenienza euroepa -olandese Jorn Swart, tedesco Benjamin Gutzeit -mentre l'ultimo membro, Lucas Pino, viene dall'Arizona. Ma ancor più singolare è il fatto che accanto al pianoforte del leader si trovino la viola ...


Jorn Swart: Malnoia

Read "Malnoia" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The debut from Dutch pianist Jorn Swart--A Day In The Life Of Boriz (Mainland Records, 2013)--presented music with an eccentric tilt crafted by a fairly conventional quartet. This sophomore date continues along an offbeat path, delivering an incredibly absorbing collection of curious curios, but it does so with a less-than-conventional instrumental line-up in place.