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Rendezvous: Another Round Please

Read "Another Round Please" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

All instrumental music is not jazz and some might argue electronica isn't music at all as much as it is the ultimate triumph of machine over man. To be certain, much of electronica, trance, house and trip-hop is little more than synthesized beeps, bleeps and burps over a drum track as it whizzes by your ears ...


Kirk Whalum: Romance Language

Read "Romance Language" reviewed by Larry Taylor

Romance Language is very appropriate for Valentine's Day--the perfect background for a romantic evening. Tenor saxophonist Kirk Whalum has teamed up with his brother, vocalist Kevin Whalum, on this recreation of the classic John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (Impulse!, 1963).

Moreover, throughout this daunting task, the brothers succeed in brushing a smooth jazz veneer on ...


Rendezvous: Merging Jazz with Electropop

Rendezvous: Merging Jazz with Electropop

By Alma Jones The one thing I dread in music is to hear two beautiful genres fused together in one sloppy song, like two awkward clumps of clay haphazardly slapped together. It's extremely difficult to pull off this stunt, especially if the genres in mind are not the least bit similar. That's why I'm quite relieved that ...


Rendezvous: Jazz Electropop Band Debut Album

Rendezvous: Jazz Electropop Band Debut Album

Heard any jazz lately? Whether you're a jazz newbie or a true-blue jazz buff, the band Rendezvous has something special for you.

Working closely with David Bascombe (producer/ mixer for Korn, Kylie Minogue, Moby, Natalie Imbruglia, and many more), Rendezvous is sure to leave their mark in the world of music. About five years ago, ...


Stan Getz: Legacy

Read "Legacy" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Here's a pleasant surprise: “previously unissued material" by tenor sax giant Stan Getz that by and large deserves to be more widely disseminated and heard. Legacy is comprised of five sessions spanning the years 1980-86, including three numbers with the Woody Herman Herd and another with Getz and pianist Jimmy Rowles performing Rowles' “The Peacocks." The ...


Jerome Harris: Rendezvous

Read "Rendezvous" reviewed by Mike Neely

With top notch soloists, a savvy rhythm section, and compelling compositions, what's not to like about Jerome Harris' Rendezvous? Incidentally, with the same instrumentation as Dave Holland's quintet, and the very same Steve Nelson on vibes, one has to wonder what band came first. In addition to Nelson, Rendezvous boasts Marty Ehrlich on alto sax and ...


Wayman Tisdale: Way Up!

Read "Way Up!" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

When a rookie, no matter how fierce his reputation was in college, hits the hardwood floor of the National Basketball Association, he's got to step up his game or he's going to get his head handed to him by the older pros who aren't impressed by flashy moves and big egos.

For twelve seasons in ...


Kyle Eastwood: Paris Blue

Read "Paris Blue" reviewed by George Harris

At last! A recording firmly planted in the jazz tradition of Charles Mingus, but updated and as fresh as this morning's brew. Bassist Kyle Eastwood has brought together a collection of (mostly) original compositions and mixed them with programmed or hip-hop rhythms underneath a mainstream horn section to create an accessible yet challenging listen.

On the ...


Michael Lington: Stay With Me

Read "Stay With Me" reviewed by Brian Soergel

Saxophonist Michael Lington pulls it all together on his fourth CD, a work that should lift him from the fringe and put him on stage with the top tier of smooth jazz talent. What makes this recording so good? Lington's a passionate player who's had some tasty hits before, of course, but here he picks ten ...


Wayman Tisdale: Hang Time

Read "Hang Time" reviewed by Mark Sabbatini

C'mon Wayne--you've got more game than this.

The former NBA star forward turned bassist roams familiar territory on his sixth album, Hang Time, playing mostly originals by himself and keyboardist Jeff Lorber. In courtside terms, the big man needs a better playbook and more support from his teammates.

Unlike Shaq the rapper, ...