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Mosaics: The Life and Works of Graham Collier

Read "Mosaics: The Life and Works of Graham Collier" reviewed by Duncan Heining

The following is an excerpt is from “Chapter 9: The Eighties or Graham Collier -The Wilderness Years" of Mosaics: The Life and Works of Graham Collier by Duncan Heining (Equinox Publishing, 2018). All Rights Reserved.

The late Graham Collier was a bandleader, a composer and a jazz educator. As far as this latter ...


Graham Collier: Luminosity

Read "Graham Collier: Luminosity" reviewed by Duncan Heining

A new work, posthumously released and recorded--how many of those can there have been in jazz? Luminosity features two late works by composer Graham Collier brought to realisation through the efforts of his partner, author John Gill and conductor Geoff Warren. To say this record is a fine valediction is a statement infused with regret. These ...


Geoff Warren: The Quartet Album

Read "The Quartet Album" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Flautist Geoff Warren has had an intriguing career that has taken in jazz, dance and world music. He has worked with British composer Graham Collier, pianist Roger Dean's group Lysis and even with British dance music bands Heaven 17 and Southern Freeez. Warren recently dropped the alto sax to concentrate his energies on flute and alto ...


WSB Trio: Live Session

Read "Live Session" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Trio di musicisti esperti ma non di primissimo piano come il flautista inglese Geoff Warren, il contrabbassista pescarese Marcello Sebastiani e il percussionista Alberto Biondi, il WSB viene ripreso qui in un concerto dal vivo, nel quale l'inusuale formazione esprime una musica di tutto rispetto. I tre musicisti hanno pari meriti nella buona riuscita del lavoro, poiché se a ...