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João Hasselberg & Pedro Branco: Dancing Our Way To Death

Read "Dancing Our Way To Death" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Portuguese bassist João Hasselberg and guitarist Pedro Branco both hail from Lisbon, but are currently living and studying elsewhere--Hasselberg in Copenhagen, Branco in Amsterdam. They each contribute compositions to this co-led project, as well as play the core instrumental tracks, aided by additional players and vocalists. First, it must be said that the music is not ...


Joao Hasselberg: Truth Has To Be Given In Riddles

Read "Truth Has To Be Given In Riddles" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Truth Has To Be Given In Riddles, title of Portuguese bassist Joao Hasselberg's latest album, is reminiscent of a Zen koan, an illogical poem which aims to generate “great doubt" and propel a listener into satori, enlightenment.

The album opens in this spirit with a short track titled “Opening" featuring an enigmatic wordless ...


André Santos: Ponto De Partida

Read "Ponto De Partida" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Listening to Ponto de Partida (Starting Point), it's rather hard to believe that André Santos has been playing jazz for less than 10 years. The young Portuguese guitarist's charming, understated debut album seems like the work of an older musician: one, perhaps, with nothing to prove except for the sheer enjoyment of making music. From the ...