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John Bailey: In Real Time

Read "In Real Time" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

John Bailey is a veteran New York-based trumpet player who has worked as a sideman in a variety of genres. Now, at the age of 52, he has released his first CD as a leader and it's as stylish and professional as would be expected.

Bailey's playing is full of passion and fire, and ...


John Bailey: Oneiric Sounds

Read "Oneiric Sounds" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

English guitarist and composer John Bailey holds a Master's Degree in Jazz Performance but has a background that includes a fondness for everything from heavy metal to classical music. The latter of the two is in evidence throughout the two suites that comprise Oneiric Sounds, a study in the blending of jazz and classical influences. This ...


In Tune or Not in Tune... That Is the Question

Read "In Tune or Not in Tune... That Is the Question" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Suppose a month goes by, you have a column to publish, but nothing has happened that's worth writing about. What do you do then? Read on, as the question is about to be answered.

A while back there was a discussion at a Stan Kenton web site (Kentonia) about musicians or groups of ...


Westchester Jazz Orchestra: Dobbs Ferry, NY, September 29, 2012

Read "Westchester Jazz Orchestra: Dobbs Ferry, NY, September 29, 2012" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

Westchester Jazz Orchestra
Master's School
Dobbs Ferry, NY
September 29, 2012

The much-acclaimed Westchester Jazz Orchestra (WJO) opened its 10th season with a program called West Side Stories, based on that brilliant and timeless 1957 Broadway musical by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. In keeping with the WJO's ongoing educational objectives, the concert began with ...


Gregg August Sextet: One Peace

Read "One Peace" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Hardbop e latin jazz. Sono i punti cardinali di questo secondo CD firmato da Gregg August, esponente di punta del jazz newyorkese contemporaneo. Dieci sono le tracce di questo bel lavoro, che altro non fa che confermare la completa cifra artistica del Nostro, peraltro brillante strumentista ed arrangiatore. Ancora una volta è la formula del sestetto ad ispirare la ...