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Martin Pyne: Behind The Mist

Read "Behind The Mist" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Ten solo vibraphone improvisations, recorded in single takes with occasional electronic processing on three tracks, form the content of Martin Pyne's Behind The Mist. Pyne creates cool, spacious, crystalline sounds--music that seems to emerge organically from its inspirations.

Pyne is a member of Busnoys, has accompanied silent films and has worked with jazz and ...


Busnoys: Weaving The Spell

Read "Weaving The Spell" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Sometimes the world is easy to understand. Mostly, it's a puzzle. Take magic, for example--how does that work? Ask Busnoys, a vibes/bass guitar/drums trio from Bristol in England's West Country. The band seems to have at least some insight into the workings of magic. Its third album, Weaving The Spell, is full of relaxed, spacious, charms ...


Busnoys: By Tapering Torchlight

Read "By Tapering Torchlight" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Busnoys is named after 15th century French composer Antoine Busnoys (or Busnois). Not that this gives much away about the music on By Tapering Torchlight, the trio's follow up to its debut, San Angelo (Tall Guy Records, 2010). The fact that the band is based in Bristol in the west of England, home to Massive Attack ...