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King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade - guitar, vocals For more than three decades, King Sunny Ade and his African Beats have been thrilling audiences worldwide with their extraordinary music. The Nigerian singer, guitarist, bandleader, and entrepreneur is the acknowledged master of juju, a cross-cultural sound that sends listeners on a remarkable journey into the heart of one of Africa's most vital cultures. His music draws from the many idioms and forms of the Yoruba language, and imbues it with a modern sense of spirituality, politics and honor. Juju is a thrilling hybrid of Western pop and traditional African music that incorporates electric guitars and synthesizers with such indigenous instruments as talking drums


Sam Tshabalala: Returning Home

Read "Sam Tshabalala: Returning Home" reviewed by Seton Hawkins

The late 1970s saw a surge of extraordinary musical creativity in South Africa. Driven in part by a changing political climate reflecting the youth-led Soweto uprising of 1976, a younger generation of South African artists harnessed the arts to give voice to a new chapter in the anti-apartheid struggle. Indeed, rising ensembles like Movement ...


Bongos Ikwue and Double X: Wulu Wulu

Read "Wulu Wulu" reviewed by James Nadal

Nigeria has been a wellspring of vital African music for some time now, from ethnic folk music with its call and response, to palm-wine, juju, Afrobeat, and the horn and guitar driven sounds of highlife. This polyrhythmic music has also achieved international fame due to popular artists as Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade. Though these ...


Artist Interview: Adedeji, From West Africa To The World

Q: When would you say triggered your passion for music? How old were you at the time? A: My passion for music was triggered as far as I could remember; I was probably 5-years-old then. I seriously cannot remember how or when it started but I was teaching my sister and brother how to sing in ...


The Majestic “Return” of King Sunny Ade & His African Beats

Read "The Majestic “Return” of King Sunny Ade & His African Beats" reviewed by Chris May

King Sunny AdeBaba Mo TundeIndigeDisc2010 A leading exponent of Nigerian juju music since the late 1970s, and in 2010 still the most sought after live artist for expatriate Nigerians in Europe and north America, vocalist and guitarist King Sunny Ade once rivalled Afrobeat's Fela Kuti and Zairean rumba's ...


The Return of the King: King Sunny Ade Releases First Studio Album in Ten Years

The Return of the King: The Traffic-Stopping, Hip-Shaking Wisdom of King Sunny Ade is Back on Baba Mo Tunde, His First Studio Album in a Decade King Sunny Ade is global groove royalty whose six-hour sets and butt-shaking beats are notorious from his native Nigeria to Nashville and Nagasaki. And now the master is back with ...


Selaelo Selota: Lapeng Laka

Read "Lapeng Laka" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

Selaelo Selota seems equal parts King Sunny Ade and George Benson. The rhythms, beats, and melodies on Lapeng Laka glide with the slippery, effortless musical sophistication of traditional tribal songs and dances from his South African homeland, and many of its lyrics deal with its native sights and customs. Selota directs on guitar and vocals from ...


King Sunny Ade Inducted into the Afropop Hall of Fame

King Sunny Ade Inducted into the Afropop Hall of Fame

King Sunny Ade Inducted into the Afropop Hall of Fame at Celebrate Brooklyn On July 18th King Sunny Ade, Nigeria's beloved entertainer and maestro of juju big band dance music, was inducted into the Afropop Hall of Fame at Celebrate Brooklyn's African Festival on Saturday, July 18th. Afropop Producer Sean Barlow did the honors of inducting ...

Nigerian Legend King Sunny Ade's 2009 North American Tour

Nigerian Legend King Sunny Ade's 2009 North American Tour

The Chairman's Diplomatic Tour of a New America: Nigerian Legend King Sunny Ade Brings the Forty Minute Jam to US/Canadian Stages and Festivals, June/July 2009 The shift from recorded to live music as the main driver of music commerce happened ten years earlier in Africa than in America. Nigerian juju icon King Sunny Ade who will ...


Jeff Beck to Headline Montreal Jazz Fest

Jeff Beck to Headline Montreal Jazz Fest

Soon-to-be Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jeff Beck will make his first ever festival appearance at the Festival International de Jazz de Montral. As part of the massive lineup for the 30th anniversary of the summer concert event, Jazz legends Ornette Coleman and Wayne Shorter, Jackson Browne, a blues pairing of Buddy Guy & ...


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