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Empty Cage Quartet

Label: Prefecture
Released: 2012
Track listing: Oblige the Oblivious; Bubbler; Peace; Presence that Time Diminishes; Taming Power of the Great; Joyous Lake; Avoid the Obvious.


Empty Cage Quartet: Empty Cage Quartet

Read "Empty Cage Quartet" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The sixth album of West Coast Empty Cage Quartet features this unique, hard -riving outfit in its most abstract mode to date. During the last decade, the quartet focused on exploring new ways of integrating diverse influences into an original, creative blend--from modern forms of jazz improvisation to contemporary experimental practices. This self-titled, ...


Label: Clean Feed Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: Jason Mears (sassofoni, clarinetto); Kris Tiner (trombe, flicorno); Paul Kikuci (batteria, percussioni); Ivan Johnson (contrabbasso).


Empty Cage Quartet: Gravity

Read "Gravity" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Sono ormai diversi anni che “The Wire," una delle migliori ed intelligenti riviste specializzate al mondo, cita l'Empty Cage Quartet (che alcuni ricorderanno sotto il nome di MTKJ Quartet, dalle iniziali dei cognomi dei suoi membri - clicca qui per leggere la recensione di Making Room for Spaces) quale una delle formazioni più illuminate ed illuminanti ...


Label: Clean Feed Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: Gravity: sections 1-3; Tzolkien 2+9; Gravity: section 4; Tzolkien 1+13; Gravity: sections 5-7; Tzolkien 3+6+7; Gravity: section 8; Tzolkien 4+5+12; Gravity: sections 9-11.


Empty Cage Quartet: Gravity

Read "Gravity" reviewed by Troy Collins

Widely admired for its intricate mathematical construction, the Mayan calendar is far more than just a lightning rod for misguided prophets predicting the end of the world; it is also the source of inspiration for Gravity, the fourth studio recording from the young West Coast-based Empty Cage Quartet. The album consists of two extended compositions, which ...


Label: Clean Feed Records
Released: 2008
Track listing: Again a Gun Again a Gun Again a Gun; Feerdom is on the March; Old Ladies; The Power of the Great; We Are All Tomorrow's Food; Steps of the Ordinarily Unordinary; Aurobindo; Through the Doorways of Escape Come the Footsteps of Capture; Beedie and Bob; The Illusion of Transparency; Don't Hesitate to Change Your Mind.


Empty Cage Quartet: Stratostrophic

Read "Stratostrophic" reviewed by Rex  Butters

Stratostrophic, the sixth release by the Empty Cage Quartet (ECQ), finds the avant West Coasters full of ideas and limited by nothing. Their omnivorous approach gladly frustrates label taggers while rewarding informed listeners with advanced compositional and improvisational delights. Their continuing association pays off in an acquired looseness that revels in taking chances without losing the ...


Empty Cage Quartet: Stratostrophic

Read "Stratostrophic" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

I riferimenti più immediati vanno a Ornette Coleman. Sin troppo ovvio: basta leggere la formazione che rimanda all’epocale e classico quartetto sax alto-tromba-contrabbasso-batteria. Ma questo notevole combo di giovanissimi musicisti provenienti da diversi luoghi degli States, e che gravitano (o hanno gravitato a lungo) attorno all’area californiana, non si limita alla celebrazione o alla riproposizione di ...


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