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Bob James Trio: Expresso

Read "Expresso" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Bob James wrote “Angela," the theme song to the popular late-1970s/early 1980s television show, Taxi, a feather in the cap that introduced his sound to millions of listeners who might not ever slip a jazz CD into the stereo. For those with an ear and a love of jazz, he is probably most familiar for his ...


Bob James Trio: Explosions

Read "Explosions" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Digitando il nome di Bob James in un motore di ricerca, i primi due esiti sono il sito del musicista e la voce di Wikipedia: aprendo entrambe il massimo risalto va alla premiata e redditizia attività di tastierista fusion e smooth-jazz, oltre che a quella di arrangiatore, mentre poche parole sono spese per Explosions, disco che invece è ...


Bob James Trio: Take It From the Top

Read "Take It From the Top" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

Bob James, one of the most popular jazz artists of all time, has over the course of the past 35 years elected to treat his older fans with an album of all acoustic songs from the Great American Songbook, tunes that are associated with jazz pianists who influenced him over the years. It seems that this ...