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Uri Caine - Gust Tsilis: Pure Affection

Read "Pure Affection" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Da una parte Uri Caine, vulcanico agitatore musicale, eminenza grigia della scena jazzistica della costa orientale statunitense da più di vent’anni, autore di spericolate incursioni nel mondo della musica classica, di collusioni più o meno spinte con il jazz elettrico, presenza fissa in festival, rassegne ed eventi culturali in Italia e in mezzo mondo. Dall’altra Gust Tsilis, misconosciuto specialista ...


Cassandra Wilson: She Who Weeps

Read "She Who Weeps" reviewed by Celeste Sunderland

The timbre of Cassandra Wilson’s voice is like an opal—incomparably beautiful, deliciously pearlescent, graceful, rich, and eternally strong. On She Who Weeps, originally recorded in 1990 and rereleased last January, lyrics bare little importance. The descriptive quality of words takes a back seat to Wilson’s innate ability to instantly create an atmosphere and strike emotional chords ...


John McLaughlin Trio: Live at the Royal Festival Hall

Read "Live at the Royal Festival Hall" reviewed by Walter Kolosky

Four long years had passed since McLaughlin's last record when JMT released Live at the Royal Festival Hall in 1990. The brilliant percussionist Trilok Gurtu, of Oregon fame, joined him--along with superb bassist Kai Eckhardt--to form an exciting band which was to exist in one form or another (with revolving bassists) for five more years. The ...


Jay Clayton & Jerry Granelli/Cassandra Wilson (Winter & Winter: Sound Songs & Point Of View

Read "Sound Songs & Point Of View" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

From 1985 thru 1995, JMT Productions' modern jazz-based record label released recordings by up and comers such as saxophonists, Steve Coleman, Tim Berne, Greg Osby and drummer, Joey Baron, amid a stellar cast of forward thinking artists. However, “Polydor K.K purchased the catalogue in 1995. Thus, all activities ceased as many of these albums and/or CDs ...