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Yimba Rudo: Yimba Rudo

Read "Yimba Rudo" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

The phrase “Yimba Rudo" means “Sing Love" in Zimbabwe's Shona language. It is also the name of this trio which brings together musicians from three different worlds. Vibraphonist Kevin Norton is a respected figure in the avant jazz sphere who has worked with the likes of Anthony Braxton and Paul Dunmall. Bassist Steve LaSpina is a ...


Billy Stein Trio: Hybrids

Read "Hybrids" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il chitarrista Billy Stein è abbastanza conosciuto negli ambienti dell'avanguardia e finalmente arriva a presentare un lavoro su disco grazie alla Barking Hoop, la casa discografica del percussionista Kevin Norton, incontrato di nuovo dopo una trentina d'anni. Con Stein troviamo due autentici maestri dei loro strumenti, il contrabbassista Reuben Radding, ed il batterista Rashid Bakr, entrambi spesso con nomi ...


Instinctual Eye: Born in Brooklyn

Read "Born in Brooklyn" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il percussionista e compositore Kevin Norton vanta collaborazioni con diversi rappresentanti della cosiddetta musica creativa, da Fred Frith a Mark Dresser da Tomas Ulrich a Joelle Leandre, ma il sodalizio artisticamente più significativo risulta la sua partecipazione ad alcune delle formazioni di Anthony Braxton. E proprio il multistrumentista, compositore e teorico di Chicago, è il principale riferimento nella ...


Instinctual Eye: Born In Brooklyn

Read "Born In Brooklyn" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Frode Gjerstad (alto sax, clarinet) and Nick Stephens (bass) impart an improvisational Euro-jazz vista on this trio date, which was recorded in Brooklyn, New York. But the always multitasking percussionist/vibraphonist Kevin Norton balances out the vast temporal planes, while serving as a colorist and accelerator. Throughout the two lengthy works, the artists communicate a mood-evoking jamboree ...


Billy Stein: Hybrids

Read "Hybrids" reviewed by Troy Collins

Hybrids, guitarist Billy Stein's debut recording, arrives after thirty years of playing sideman to some of the finest musicians in the New York area. A singular stylist with an unorthodox approach, Stein shares the same off-center sensibility as stylistic peers like Bern Nix, Joe Morris and Michael Musillami.

While attending Milt Hinton's Jazz Workshop ...


String Trio of New York: Frozen Ropes (with Oliver Lake)

Read "Frozen Ropes (with Oliver Lake)" reviewed by Troy Collins

The venerable String Trio of New York, founded in 1977, is one of the jazz world's longest running avant-chamber ensembles. Co-founding guitarist James Emery and bassist John Lindberg, along with the group's most recent addition, violinist Rob Thomas, continue to balance stunning virtuosity with free-form expressionism. Featuring iconic alto saxophonist Oliver Lake as a guest artist, ...


String Trio of New York: Frozen Ropes (with Oliver Lake)

Read "Frozen Ropes (with Oliver Lake)" reviewed by David Adler

On occasion, the String Trio of New York (guitarist James Emery, bassist John Lindberg, and violinist Rob Thomas) has worked with special guests, including pianist Anthony Davis and vocalist Jay Clayton. Frozen Ropes, with altoist Oliver Lake, is a worthy and concise addition to the group's catalog.

These five selections total just over 46 minutes. The ...


Kevin Norton's Bauhaus Quartet: Time-Space Modulator

Read "Time-Space Modulator" reviewed by Mark Corroto

I must admit, I didn't consider Kevin Norton's latest entitled Time-Space Modulator to be a reference to L'szl' Moholy-Nagy's sculpture “Light-Space Modulator." Nope. I referenced the drummer's work with, and admiration for Anthony Braxton, and immediately connected this disc with Bugs Bunny's encounters with Marvin the Martian. I can even picture Braxton speaking with Marvin's voice ...


Kevin Norton: Change Dance - troubled energy

Read "Change Dance - troubled energy" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Percussionist/composer Kevin Norton’s latest production adds a little more amplitude to his stature as one of the leading thinkers and practitioners of progressive jazz. There’s a story behind Change Dance, and Norton approaches these intersecting works via multipart segments, each marked by key focal points that highlight the various instrumentalists.

With this release, ...


Kevin Norton & Haewon Min: Play The Music Of Anthony Braxton

Read "Play The Music Of Anthony Braxton" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Composer/percussionist, Kevin Norton has spent a lot of quality time with the estimable saxophonist/composer, Anthony Braxton. On this production, recorded live at “Roulette” in New York City, Norton and classically trained pianist, Haewon Min, reinterpret or perhaps personalize, five of Braxton’s works.

Norton utilizes small percussion instruments, vibes, and marimba as contrapuntal and exploratory devices throughout ...