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Veryan Weston: Discoveries on Tracker Action Organs

Read "Discoveries on Tracker Action Organs" reviewed by John Eyles

This new solo album from keyboardist Veryan Weston was recorded in May 2014 on tracker action organs in seven churches located around England. The recordings here document some of the preparatory research that Weston did ahead of a tour of churches with tracker action organs. That tour involved Weston plus violinist Jon Rose and cellist Hannah ...


Veryan Weston / Jon Rose / Hannah Marshall: Tuning Out

Read "Tuning Out" reviewed by John Eyles

There is a very interesting project awaiting some lucky (and patient) individual, researching the role that churches played in the spread of improvised music in Britain. To clear up any ambiguity, that “churches" refers to the buildings themselves rather than their human members. Any devotee of improvised music in Britain will probably have spent far more ...

Save the Date - Aprile 2014

Read "Save the Date - Aprile 2014" reviewed by Luca Canini

Come promesso il mese scorso, diventa fisso l'appuntamento con “Save the Date." Riparte il viaggio su e giù per lo Stivale a caccia delle migliori proposte, dei migliori festival, delle iniziative più stuzzicanti. Una guida tascabile compilata seguendo solo e soltanto l'ispirazione e le tracce della musica che piace (a noi).

2 Aprile--Piacenza: ...


Jon Rose / Chris Abrahams / Clayton Thomas: Artery

Read "Artery" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Australian violinist and forward-minded improviser Jon Rose is the primary voice on this cleverly devised gala featuring his bandmates' oddball instrumentation, like the use by keyboardist Chris Abrahams (of the minimalist jazz-rock unit the Necks) of a harpsichord, forte piano and “positive organ to round out his partners' odd implementations.

This music is energetic, bizarre and ...


Jon Rose: The People's Music

Read "The People's Music" reviewed by Nic Jones

The People's Music is a wild surrealist fantasy that traces a rhythmic counterpoint in sound between the playing of a musical instrument, namely the violin, and the mass production of that instrument, according to the liner notes. What we have is in fact the musical element of a multimedia piece involving an interactive video installation, and ...


Jon Rose: Strung

Read "Strung" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Jon Rose, the Derek Bailey of the violin, is turning his attention to the possibilities of electronic manipulation of stringed instrument sound. A collaborator with the likes of Eugene Chadbourne, Bob Ostertag, Luc Houtkamp, Otomo Yoshihide, and Wayne Horvitz, Rose is a creative musician with plenty of humor on display.

Strung is a co-conspiracy between Rose ...


Jon Rose: Fringe Benefits

Read "Fringe Benefits" reviewed by AAJ Staff

At a certain point, restlessness can merge into insanity. (I couldn't tell you exactly where that point is, because I'm long past it myself.) Extreme violinist Jon Rose has proven over and over again his restless desire for creative momentum. I'm not really sure where he stands with respect to sanity--but the music he makes is ...


Jon Rose: The Hyperstring Project: New Dynamic of Rogue Counterpoint

Read "The Hyperstring Project: New Dynamic of Rogue Counterpoint" reviewed by AAJ Staff

For Jon Rose, one violin is not enough. Two violins barely cut it. On The Hyperstring Project, Rose works with his violins, a midi bow, and independently operable footpedals driving sampled instruments. Using this setup (and some extra electronics), he becomes a one-man improvising orchestra capable of playing three or four voices at a time. No ...

Jon Rose: Fringe Benefits

Read "Fringe Benefits" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Fringe Benefits is a compilation of recordings emanating from Jon Rose’ Australian organization baring the same name which was a promotional tool of sorts for improvised music. Rose states in the liners: “.........Over half of these tapes had deteriorated so much that they had become unplayable. I decided to make a sampler of FBR, using material ...