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Golson and Trane Dissed in Philly (circa 1944)

Read "Golson and Trane Dissed in Philly (circa 1944)" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

This article was originally published at All About Jazz in 1999.

John Coltrane and Benny Golson stand among the major figures of jazz in the second half of the twentieth century, Coltrane primarily as a player and Golson primarily as a composer. But in 1944 jny: Philadelphia they were teenagers just getting their feet ...


Someone To Watch Over Me: The Life and Music of Ben Webster

Read "Someone To Watch Over Me: The Life and Music of Ben Webster" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Someone To Watch Over Me: The Life and Music of Ben Webster
Frank Buchmann-Moller
Hardcover; 400 pages
ISBN: 0472114700
University Of Michigan Press

Unless you already know a tremendous amount about saxophonist Ben Webster, you'll learn so much from Frank Buchmann-Moller's new biography. ...


Jazz for Dummies, 2nd Edition

Read "Jazz for Dummies, 2nd Edition" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Jazz for Dummies
Dirk Sutro
Paperback; 384 pages
ISBN: 0-471-76844-8

First, please understand that Jazz for Dummies mostly isn't. Sure, Dirk Sutro's approach is partially for total newcomers, but he also provides advice for aspiring musicians and even jazz fanatics in search ...


Letters From New Orleans

Read "Letters From New Orleans" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Letters From New Orleans
Rob Walker
Paperback; 226 pages
ISBN: 1-891053-01-9
Garrett County Press

Former Texan and Greenwich Villager Rob Walker and his girlfriend, E., relocated to New Orleans in January, 2000. The former journalist and editor immediately began relating his experiences and impressions via ...


Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band

Read "Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Imagine a pianist playing concerts with Benny Goodman and Cecil Taylor in successive years (1977-78). That pianist was Mary Lou Williams. In a career which spanned over fifty years Mary was always on the cutting edge.

She was born Mary Scruggs in 1910 Atlanta. Her mother was a single parent who worked as a ...


The Dutch Jazz Orchestra: Rediscovered Music of Mary Lou Williams

Read "Rediscovered Music of Mary Lou Williams" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Thankfully, Mary Lou Williams' music has been getting “rediscovered" quite a bit over the past few years through reinvestigation of her sacred works, as well as her own solo and small group performances, plus interpretation/tributes by small groups led by Dave Douglas, John Hicks and Geri Allen. Now the Dutch Jazz Orchestra has given us Williams' ...


The Devil's Horn: The Story of the Saxophone

Read "The Devil's Horn: The Story of the Saxophone" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Michael Segell
The Devil's Horn: The Story of the Saxophone, From Noisy Novelty to King of Cool
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
336 pages
ISBN: 0374159386

I recently saw Steven Spielberg's new movie, Munich. When the Israeli hero moves to Brooklyn, the sound of a saxophone ...


All That the Dog Ever Wanted

Read "All That the Dog Ever Wanted" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Amy Neftzger
All That the Dog Ever Wanted
Fields of Gold Publishing
ISBN: 0974629618
32 pages

In this children's picture book, Django the golden retriever tries to emulate his master, Cole, an aspiring jazz musician. Cole, who we never actually see, has just received a ...


Generations, Live at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club

Read "Generations, Live at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

Generations: Steve Wilson, Billy Childs, Ray Drummond and Ben Riley
Kennedy Center Jazz Club
Washington, DC
October 22, 2005
Those of you who know Steve Wilson will probably wonder what cave I've been living in, but this club date was my introduction to the saxophonist, as well as Kennedy Center's ...


Tour of the Louis Armstrong House Museum

Read "Tour of the Louis Armstrong House Museum" reviewed by Bob Jacobson

When Louis Armstrong came home from a road trip one day in 1943, he handed the cab driver the address of the new home his wife Lucille has picked out as a surprise, the first home he had ever owned. Since the house they pulled up to was in a racially-mixed neighborhood, Louis thought the cabbie ...