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Record Store Day 2020

Read "Record Store Day 2020" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Twice a year, I find myself in a long line before sunrise waiting for my local record store to open. It might be rainy or cold, but I'm always there along with a large group of other people waiting patiently. Why do we do it? Simply because it's Record Store Day, and for many record collectors, ...


Charlie Parker: The Savoy 10-inch LP Collection

Read "The Savoy 10-inch LP Collection" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Charlie Parker is one of the most important musicians in jazz history and a household name even for people who never listen to jazz. His music is like a textbook for aspiring jazz musicians, and it still sounds modern even after more than a half century since its creation. 2020 marks the centennial of Parker's birth, ...


The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Blues

Read "The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Blues" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to the Blues David Evans Perigee Books 2005 In his introduction to David Evans' recently published book, The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to the Blues, Taj Mahal says just listen to “any rock group of the last fifty years -- including The Beatles ...


The Lost Wave

Read "The Lost Wave" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

The Lost Wave by Charles Underhill Broma Books Many jazz listeners cite Miles Davis albums such as Bitches Brew and Jack Johnson as the true origin of jazz-rock fusion. Others, such as critic Alyn Shipton, contend that fusion actually started in England a few years before these records came out. In the ...


Girls Don't Like Real Jazz: A Jazz Patriot Speaks Out

Read "Girls Don't Like Real Jazz: A Jazz Patriot Speaks Out" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Walter Kolosky Girls Don't Like Real Jazz: A Jazz Patriot Speaks Out Abstract Logix Books Hardcover, 186 pages ISBN: 0-9761016-0-2 2004 Thirty years ago, Frank Zappa commented that “jazz is not dead, it just smells funny." Today, no one seems very interested in the ...


Jazzwomen: Conversations With Twenty-One Musicians

Read "Jazzwomen: Conversations With Twenty-One Musicians" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Jazzwomen: Conversations With Twenty-One Musicians Wayne Enstice and Janis Stockhouse Indiana University Press 2004 Women have been active in jazz since its earliest days, but men have been remained the dominant figures throughout its history. While some performers such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald managed to achieve ...


Sonny Rollins: The Cutting Edge

Read "Sonny Rollins: The Cutting Edge" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Sonny Rollins, The Cutting Edge by Richard Palmer Continuum Books Besides being one of the most influential tenor saxophone players in jazz history, Sonny Rollins also happens to be one of its most enigmatic figures as well. Given his introspective nature and penchant for withdrawal, Rollins easily comes across as ...


Carmen McRae, Miss Jazz

Read "Carmen McRae, Miss Jazz" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Carmen McRae, Miss Jazz Leslie Gourse Billboard Books ISBN: 0879306289 In recent years, we have stretched the meaning of the word diva. In the past, it brought to mind a female vocalist like Maria Callas; nowadays it encompasses much more. There are literary divas, culinary divas, you name it. While ...


Rollin' and Tumblin'

Read "Rollin' and Tumblin'" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Rollin' and Tumblin' Jas Obrecht Miller Freeman Books ISBN: 0879306130 There are always revolutions in the music world—periods where the sound makes a dramatic departure from the status quo. Western Swing, Rock and Roll, and Jazz-Rock Fusion are all examples of changes that helped broaden musical horizons. Another important development ...


You Can't Steal a Gift: Dizzy, Clark, Milt, and Nat

Read "You Can't Steal a Gift: Dizzy, Clark, Milt, and Nat" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

You Can't Steal a Gift Gene Lees Yale University Press ISBN: 1584300256 When Gene Lees left Canada in 1955 to come to the United States, he had no idea what was awaiting him. Within a few years after his arrival, he landed the prestigious position of editor for ...


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