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Jazz Sur Son 31 2018

Read "Jazz Sur Son 31 2018" reviewed by Luke Seabright

October 5th marked the start of the 2018 edition of Jazz Sur Son 31 in jny:Toulouse and its neighbouring towns. If jazz is part of Toulouse's DNA, a good reminder of this comes from the legacy of one the city's most popular artists, the singer Claude Nougaro who immortalised his hometown in the ballad “O Toulouse." ...


Memories of Woodstock: Joan Baez at Jazz in Marciac 2018

Read "Memories of Woodstock: Joan Baez at Jazz in Marciac 2018" reviewed by Luke Seabright

If you're a jazz fan, you'll almost certainly have heard of Marciac. But if it's the first time you're going there, and you don't know much about the place, you may well experience some confusion. If you've flown in, you're most likely driving over from jny:Toulouse, the nearest airport. You've prepared your GPS and entered in ...


Pulcinella: Bestiole

Read "Bestiole" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Pulcinella shares its name with a character from the Commedia dell'Arte--he figures rather charmingly on the band's website--and declares its mix of jazz, rock, tango and Baltic traditions to be “delocalised jazz." Presumably this refers to the music's international identity--no single place can lay claim to the Pulcinella sound. Bestiole, Pulcinella's third album since saxophonist Ferdinand ...


Souillac Jazz Festival Line-Up, 19-26 July 2014

Souillac Jazz Festival Line-Up, 19-26 July 2014

“JAZZ, A VEHICLE FOR PEACE, DIALOGUE AND UNITY THAT TRANSCENDS BORDERS AND CULTURES” (UNESCO, 2011) Souillac, France: This small town in the Department of the Lot, southwestern France, will resound with some of the best contemporary music during the Souillac Jazz Festival on 19-26 July. Hosted in a popular tourist region renowned for its unique natural and cultural heritage, ...