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Mike Davis: Fortunes and Hat-Tricks, Vol. 2

Read "Fortunes and Hat-Tricks, Vol. 2" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Double bassist Mike Davis organizes his spontaneous, immediate improvisations-compositions according to two arbitrary guidelines. The Fortunes group of such compositions draw its inspiration from evocative song titles taken from about 100 fortune cookies, but Davis and his trio co-conspirators--saxophonist Jacob Duncan and drummer Jason Tiemann--never discuss their different interpretations of these titles before playing. The second ...


Where The Cerebral And The Visceral Meet... Fortunes And Hat-Tricks, Vol. 2 by Mike Davis

Where The Cerebral And The Visceral Meet... Fortunes And Hat-Tricks, Vol. 2 by Mike Davis

The latest album from Tmpf Records features Mike Davis on double bass, Jacob Duncan on alto saxophone and Jason Tiemann on drums. All songs were spontaneously composed by the trio utilizing two compositional concepts created by Davis. The first he calls “Fortunes," and the second he calls “Hat-tricks." "Fortunes" is a spontaneous compositional concept based on immediate ...


Eric Erhardt: A Better Fate

Read "A Better Fate" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Unlike a lot of jazz artists hawking a debut recording these days, reed/woodwind multi-instrumentalist Eric Erhardt is not fresh out of music school. He has been around for a while, playing for two decades in Broadway pit bands and with trad jazzers Ken Peplowski and Artie Shaw. A student of Dave Liebman, Erhardt's own musical interests ...

Take Five With Mike Davis

Read "Take Five With Mike Davis" reviewed by Mike Davis

Meet Mike Davis:

Mike Davis has lived several distinct musical lives. He has been a student, a serious student of performance and of theory and of composition and of art. He has been a gig warrior, playing multiple shows in multiple styles on different instruments at different venues with different bands on the same day ...


Neil Ardley's New Jazz Orchestra: Camden '70

Read "Camden '70" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Se la Dusk Fire avesse voluto speculare un po’ sulla pubblicazione di queste belle registrazioni dal vivo avrebbe usato il nome dei Colosseum come richiamo in copertina. E invece giustamente l’album viene accreditato alla New Jazz Orchestra di Neil Ardley, vero leader del progetto e animatore appassionato della scena jazzistica inglese fra la fine degli anni sessanta e ...