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The PsychoAcoustic Orchestra: Fun with Notes

Read "Fun with Notes" reviewed by Jack Bowers

More than two decades ago, pianist / composer / arranger Patrick Kelly's Cincinnati-based PsychoAcoustic Orchestra recorded two neoteric albums, then quietly disappeared into the fog of time. As it turns out, Kelly explored other options for a while before re-forming the orchestra in 2006. The present incarnation, which has been performing ever since on a more ...

Fine & Mellow - Three Voices and Deborah Shulman/Larry Zalkind

Read "Fine & Mellow - Three Voices and Deborah Shulman/Larry Zalkind" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Summit Records hits a quiet home run with the release of Three Voices' Transitions and Deborah Shulman & Larry Zalkind's Lost in the Stars: The Music of Bernstein, Weill & Sondheim.

Three Voices


Summit Records


Three Voices is the trio of flugelhornist Kim Pensyl, vibraphonist ...


Jimmy Owens: The Monk Project

Read "The Monk Project" reviewed by Greg Simmons

Thelonious Monk is not suffering from inattention in 2011; it seems, in fact, that he's having a great year, for someone who died in 1982. His singularly quirky tunes have become the staples of hundreds of set lists, and it's hard to swing a dead cat in a record store without hitting dozens of new releases ...


Kim Pensyl & Phil DeGreg: Melodious Monk

Read "Melodious Monk" reviewed by Greg Simmons

At some point or another, it seems, every jazz musician takes up the challenge of interpreting Thelonious Monk. It must be an unbearable temptation to try to bring some perceived new angle to such a distinct set of compositions, especially when those compositions are so inextricably intertwined with Monk's odd playing style. As if responding to ...

Take Five with Kim Pensyl

Read "Take Five with Kim Pensyl" reviewed by Kim Pensyl

Meet Kim Pensyl:
Kim Pensyl is a prolific jazz recording artist, composer and arranger who has twice been named one of Billboard's Top-20 Contemporary Jazz Artists of the Year. A pianist and trumpeter, he has had four Top-10 albums on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz chart. He has recorded with jazz legends such as Toots Thielemans, ...


Kim Pensyl and Phil DeGreg's "Melodious Monk"

Kim Pensyl and Phil DeGreg's "Melodious Monk"

Does the world need another recording of the music of Thelonious Monk? Absolutely! And the world will be a better place because of this one. Monk's genius showed through in his brilliant performances, his moods and emotions, but mostly in his timeless compositions. A master of complex musical structures and perfectly placed notes, his work influenced a ...

Take Five with Andrew Hartman

Read "Take Five with Andrew Hartman" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Andrew Hartman:

Andrew grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and became involved in music at a very young age. Moving to Columbus to attend the Ohio State University, Andrew received a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from the school in 2004. In addition to his private studies with Tim Cummiskey and Kim Pensyl, ...