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Luca Luciano

“Masterful Clarinet! Luca is a noted Italian clarinettist and composer who now makes his home in London, having developed an enviable reputation as an instrumental virtuoso around the UK and overseas via recordings and concert hall appearances” (The Musician). Internationally recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to contemporary clarinet music, he starts his career at the young age of twelve performing at one of the most established halls of his home town Naples and appears on television nationwide live aged 21. Introduced as "the new voice of the clarinet" on the front page of De Klarinet Magazine, Luca graduated from the Conservatoire of Salerno (Italy) and has been awarded the Fellow status at the Higher Education Academy (UK)


Label: NovAntiqua
Released: 2018
Track listing: Impromptu Variations on the Stravinsky’s “Three Pieces”; Homage to Puccini; Homage to Poulenc; Study on Quarter- tones; Study on Microtonal Trills and Tremolos; Fantasia for Demi-Clarinets; Fragment #5; Fragment #4; Fragment #6; Mosquito; Divertimento #4; Divertimento #9, “The Damnation of the Dreamer”; Divertimento #12, “La redentrice del Sognatore”; Divertimento #7, “Fuga, cadenza e finale on a theme of Prokofiev’s Lt. Kije’ “; Divertimento #11; Divertimento #13; Divertimento #8, “Thamon”


Label: Partenope Productions/Soundset Recordings
Released: 2016
Track listing: Homage to Puccini; Lied per Clarinetto Solo by Luciano Berio; Divertimento #13 for Clarinet Trio; Fantasia for Demi-Clarinets; Homage to Poulenc; Fragment #6; Divertimento #11 for Clarinet Trio; Study on Quarter-Tones; Study on Microtonal Trills and Tremolos; “Mosquito” for solo clarinet and tape; Impromptu Variations on the Stravinsky’s “Three Pieces”; Divertimento #12 “La Redentrice del Sognatore” for solo and pre-recorded instruments; Two Miniatures for Guitar and Piano


Label: Partenope Productions
Released: 2011
Track listing: Rondo Contemporaneo; Sequenza # 1; Fragment # 4; Sequenza # 2 in "A" Minor; Fragment # 5; Jazz Impromptu (Homage to Charles "Bird" Parker).

Luca Luciano: Partenope

Read "Partenope" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Ecco una sorprendente rivelazione! Chi è Luca Luciano? Non più giovanissimo, il compositore e clarinettista Luciano si è diplomato al Conservatorio di Salerno; ha esordito in Italia, ma è poi cresciuto professionalmente in Inghilterra dove tuttora vive e lavora in ambito concertistico e didattico. In questo suo quarto Cd (tutti hanno purtroppo sofferto di un'insufficiente promozione ...

Luca Luciano: Partenope

Read "Partenope" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Italian composer/clarinetist Luca Luciano holds a unique position as the only fulltime jazz-clarinet/classical music professor in the UK, a chair he holds at Leeds College of Music. His previous recording, Neaopolis (Redkite Records, 2004)--a suite accompanied by pianist Franco Piccino--was a thrilling exploration of the relationship between composed and improvised music, and highlighted Luciano's facility in ...


Clarinettist Luca Luciano's new album "Partenope" is now out!

Clarinettist Luca Luciano's new album "Partenope" is now out!

The new album , contemporary music for solo clarinet, by the Italian clarinettist/composer Luca Luciano is now out (“Masterful Clarinet!" by Musician Magazine). Continuing the journey started with the album “Neapolis" (Red Kite Records, 2005) and “Clarinet" (MCPS, 2008-2010), the compositions (all Luciano's) included in this release are also part of an on-going academic research that ...


Luca Luciano: The New Voice of the Clarinet

Luca Luciano: The New Voice of the Clarinet

Clarinetist/composer Luca Luciano is a champion of contemporary music and his compositions, part of his academic research, have been premiered at the Bristol Cathedral and the prestigious St Martin in the Fields in London, England. They've also been presented at workshops and master classes in the U.K. and overseas. Luciano came to the U.K. completely alone ...


Label: Point of Departure, WMPG-FM
Released: 2009
Track listing: 01. Divertimento # 8 "Thamon" - 2:38; 02. Sequenza #2 in "A" Minor For Clarinet Solo - 10:00; 03. Divertimento #7 "Canone, Cadenza e Finale" from a theme of Prokofiev's Lt.Kije' - 4:57; 04. Divertimento # 4 - 1:12; 05. Sequenza #1 for Clarinet Solo - 9:14; 06. Divertimento #9 "The Damnation Of The Dreamer" - 0:42; 07. Divertimento # 10 - 3:08; 08. Naima (John Coltrane) - 1:40; 09. Three Pieces For Clarinet Solo (Igor Stravinsky) - 4:09. Tutte le composizioni sono di Luca Luciano eccetto dove indicato.


Luca Luciano: Clarinet

Read "Clarinet" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo disco in solo di Luca Luciano è principalmente un saggio sulle sue doti di clarinettista. Doti di alto rilievo, sia dal punto di vista tecnico che interpretativo. Insegnante di clarinetto jazz e classico, presso il Leeds College of Music, in Inghilterra, Luciano ha già inciso un bel disco all'inizio del decennio col chitarrista Pietro Condorelli ...


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