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The absolute best of the best. A masterpiece. Perfect execution (production, compositions, artistic vision) and near-infinite replay value. This album will easily appear on many year-end / top ten lists.

Note: 5-star album reviews must exceed 500 words or the rating will be lowered to 4.5 stars.

A superior outing and among the year's finest releases, but a few compositions short of being considered a timeless masterpiece.

Excellent. Superb compositions, high replay value, engaging performances, and an album that stands out among similar undertakings (genre, musicianship, compositional savvy).

Very Good. Several highlights, better than average compositions, no filler material, and a few compositions short of being excellent.

Good. Has replay value. Good performances, several memorable compositions, solid production.

Adequate. Flawed, but there are inspiring moments interspersed throughout the production.

Fair. A few good tracks, but predominately weak compositions and/or uninspiring performances. No replay value.

Substandard / poor. Probably should not have been released (e.g. bootleg quality sound, weak compositions and/or performances).