The Essentials

The following represent our essential guidelines when composing an album review or article. In no particular order:

  • Italicize album (film & book) titles with the <em> tag. You can italicize an album title like this: <em>Kind of Blue</em>.
  • Place song titles in "double quotes."
  • Place the first instance of a musician's full name in {{}}. We have nearly 100,000 musicians in our database, so if you do not get a hit on a common name, there's a good chance you misspelled it. Examples: {{Ted Nash}} or {{m: Ted Nash}} or {{Ted Nash}}'s.
  • For articles, always add the primary musician's name to the "Primary musician or band name" box. This creates an association between the article page and musician page. We'll also append an "About" (the musician) section as well as their upcoming calendar to the article page.
  • Avoid contractions.
  • Avoid first person references (or over personalization). All About Jazz is not a blog.
  • Avoid telling a reader how the music will make them feel.
  • Place two line breaks (not one) between paragraphs.
  • Always use spell and grammar checkers—and fact-check musician names and album info (label, release year)—before submitting your article. We recommend composing your articles using Google Drive Docs, so you have cloud backup. It includes a spellchecker. We also recommend Grammarly as a grammar checker.
  • Do not refer to an album being reviewed as the artist’s "latest," "newest" or "most recent."
  • Remember you are writing for a mix of fans and musicians, with expertise levels ranging from newbie to aficionado.