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In-Depth Image Guide


Click here to learn how to insert a photo into an article. You can upload photos from the upload page and tag and title your photos from your manage photos page.


All About Jazz's photo gallery technology will automatically create up to three versions of your uploaded image: thumbnail, medium and large. We use the medium version in articles.

And depending on where you upload an image, you may need to edit the properties associated with it, and add the following:

Tag(s): this is how photos become searchable and connected to other plages like musicians profiles, festivals, etc. The tag field should contain a combination of the following: musician name, venue name, event name, photographer name, city name (all comma separated). Read our tagging tips.;

Title: keep it brief like the musician's name or the venue's name;

Copyright: if you didn't take the photo, put the name of the photographer here, so we know who to credit if/when we use it.

Final Points

Articles including Interviews, Artist Profiles and Live Reviews should, if at all possible, use a horizontal-oriented image on the first page. Rather than embedding that first image in the Article Text, place the URL of the image from the Photo Gallery in the Article photo link box on the Article Submission Form;

Don't forget to include a Photo Credit section at the end of your article, if you use photos other than cover art. Do your best to make it as organized and clear as possible, and when at all possible, hotlink the photographer's name to his/her AAJ profile or, if none, external website. Here's an example of the format:

Photo Credit: Robert Lewis