Add value to your article

Follow these five tips and add value to your article.

  • If relevant, include the primary musician's name in "Musician/band name" box. This establishes an association between the article and the musician profile and allows All About Jazz to append the "Related Musician" box to your article.
  • Hotlink a musician's name to their musician profile by placing two curly braces around their name e.g. {{Miles Davis}}.
  • Embed a YouTube video.
  • If your article is of local interest (e.g. a concert review), include the regional information. This creates a hotlink to your article from the corresponding city's Jazz Near You page.
  • Include email contacts in the "E-mail notifications" box. The more people who receive a link to your article, the greater the likelihood it will be shared with others.

To increase your article's read count, share it by clicking any of the social media buttons on your article page.