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Basic Formatting Techniques

Double quotes

Place song titles in "double quotes."

Italicizing text

Italicize album titles with the <em> tag. You can italicize an album title like this: <em>Kind of Blue</em>.

Bolding text

Bold section headers and interview Q&A initials with the <strong> tag. You can bold a section header like this: <strong>Early Influences</strong>.

Formatting Your Article Title

The proper format for an interview or artist profile is: Artist Name: Title

For articles and news announcements only.

To a musician profile {{ }} or {{m: }}
Create a hotlink to a musician profile page this way: {{Ted Nash}} or {{m: Ted Nash}}.

To a venue or festival listing {{e: }}
Create a hotlink to a venue listing page this way: {{e: Village Vanguard}}.

To a Jazz Near You city {{jny: }}
Create a hotlink to a Jazz Near You website this way: {{jny: Philadelphia}}.

To an All About Jazz writer's profile {{c: }}
Create a hotlink to a staff writers's page this way: {{c: C. Michael Bailey}}.