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All About You

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Over the years I've helped shape the editorial direction of the website--placing a strong emphasis on modern jazz while supporting touring bands and musicians worldwide. Add an international mix of writers with their wide-ranging interests and opinions and you have a fascinating tapestry of content that makes All About Jazz an enduring destination online.It's been our policy to give the staff the freedom to write about whatever they feel is important to them--and it's an approach that has ...


Jazz Near You and You and You!

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Three years of planning, one year of coding, and mission accomplished! Jazz Near You launched on Monday, October 24th. Please read on for the thrilling story... Jazz Near You in a Nutshell Jazz Near You is a network of 200 jazz websites and counting. We aggregate and deliver all kinds of content from events and venue listings to news, articles, photos... to what's hot in your area. It's also a tremendous advertising opportunity for a ...


Platform Expansion and the AAJ Road Show

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Dear fellow contributor, I have some news to share about the various improvements to the All About Jazz platform and the status of the Jazz Near You project. Please read on...Index 1. It's All About the Platform2. Breaking Up All About Jazz3. AAJ Road Show4. More Columns 5. Editorial Staff Expansion 1. It's All About the Platform With 17 years ...


Tips, Festival Coverage, New Columns, Improvements and more!

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Dear fellow contributor, There's no such thing as a free lunch--but please read on for free overseas trips, free CDs, free job opportunities and more.Index 1. Festival Time!2. Looking for CDs to review?3. New Columns4. Improvements Galore5. Pros for Hire Page 6. Tips for Infrequent Contributors 1. Festival Time! If you're interested in covering a festival (in the ...


Fuel for the Ride!

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Dear fellow contributor, We're picking up where we left off in 2011, adding new features and making rapid improvements to the website. Though we're pushing full speed ahead on our technology, we need your help to keep the content flowing. Please read on for the details.Index 1. Content Shortage 2. Article Submission Form Improvements3. Website Changes4. “Reassessing" and “Building a Jazz Library"5. New Column ...


2011: Extreme Makeover

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Dear fellow contributor, 2011 proved to be a transformative year as we undertook several steps to completely rebuild All About Jazz and expand its focus. And the improvements and expansion will continue long into 2012. Please read on and don't forget to submit your year end lists in the next 2-3 weeks. Index 1. Year End Lists Wanted 2. What A Year! 3. Expansion Effort Continues 4. “Reassessing" ...


Rubber Meets the Road

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Dear fellow contributor, We made several refinements and additions to the website in October and we are looking for your feedback and assistance moving forward. Please read on...Index 1. Expansion Plans--We Need Your Help 2. Welcome Aboard!3. CD Reviews Wanted4. Books to Review5. Contributor-related Improvements6. Archiving Older Interviews and Columns7. Feedback wanted: How are we doing? 1. Expansion ...


Kickin' it Up a Notch!

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Dear fellow contributor, We've had our mojo workin' since July as we continue to improve All About Jazz and roll out new features; we're also looking for two new editors to support our staff. Please read on for the latest...Index 1. Help Wanted: Take Five/iTunes Playlist Editor 2. Help Wanted: CD Review Editor3. Looking for CDs to Review?4. Improvements: A Bunch5. James Nadal: Wears ...


Taking Shape!

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Dear fellow contributor, All About Jazz continues to improve as we further upgrade our appearance, optimize our performance, and launch new features. As always, we have some important and timely news to share, so please read on...Index 1. Team Concept: Baseline Expectations 2. Design Changes3. Contributor Profile Changes4. Article Changes5. Opinion and “Reassessing" Pieces Wanted6. My iTunes Playlist: Submit Yours Today!


The Shape Of All About Jazz To Come

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Dear fellow AAJ contributor, It's been several months since our last announcement--a busy stretch resulting in many changes to All About Jazz, from our business strategy to our website's appearance. Please take a moment and read on as we address future plans and recent staff changes.Index 1. Changing Times: Staff and Direction2. Fund Drive Results3. Personalize Your Profile4. Use Social Media to Distribute your Articles