John Basile

John Basile

Musicians | Instrument: Guitar | Location: New York City

John Basile’s playing has the essence of great jazz guitar: beautiful tone, marvelous swing, terrific technique, and excellent phrasing. You can’t ask for more!

—JIm Hall

Updated: August 13, 2023

John Basile is an accomplished jazz guitarist and composer known for his soulful melodic playing, sophisticated harmonic sense, and deep conversational approach to improvisation.             

Born and raised in Boston John attended Berklee College and graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music. He honed his skills studying with some of the great jazz guitarists of the era including Jim Hall, Barry Galbraith, and Chuck Wayne.

Moving to NYC in 1985 John has performed and recorded in a wide variety of formats both as a sideman and a leader.

As an accompanist he has worked with Peggy Lee, Sylvia Sims, Rosemary Clooney and Tony Bennett's as well as live and recorded performances with contemporary instrumentalists George Mraz, Michael Becker, Tom Harrell, Eddie Gomez, John Abercrombie and Red Mitchell to name just a few.

Basile has released 11 highly acclaimed solo releases showcasing his prowess as both a composer and player. His latest release "Satisfied", is an organ trio in the tradition of the great guitar/organ combinations in the past

Musically John's guitar style utilizes a finger-style technique that approaches the guitar like a piano, comping chord fragments and playing melodies simultaneously. He demonstrates a conversational approach to improvising by weaving sophisticated single lines above a sparse harmonic landscape - all with a deeply swinging approach.

In addition to his performing and recording career John is a dedicated educator sharing his expertise with aspiring students both privately and in workshops and master classes in the US and in Europe.

In 2019 John created the Springtime Productions studio composing and producing cues for film and television and all media.

Whether's crafting intricate jazz lines, weaving soulful blues melodies John Basile's playing resonates with depth, emotion, and unmatched musicality.

In addition to musical duties John is also an accomplished professional boxing judge having worked world championship bouts in the US, Russia, Mexico, and Australia.


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“John Basile’s playing has the essence of great jazz guitar: beautiful tone, marvelous swing, terrific technique, and excellent phrasing.   You can’t ask for more!" --JIm Hall

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