Emilia Vancini

Emilia Vancini

Musicians | Instrument: Vocals | Location: The Hague

This voice that dares to flirt with its limits, while keeping its sensuality.


Updated: August 1, 2022

Born: June 3

Emilia Vancini is an Italian singer who lives in The Netherlands. Her repertoire ranges from jazz to the canzone d’autore italiana, a collection of songs written by Italian singer-songwriters from the ‘50s to the present day. With a great passion for the jazz tradition, a deep connection to her Italian roots and a solid background in piano and classical music studies, Emilia’s commitment to study and constant improvement has earned her the respect of jazz aficionados and critics alike.

Inspired by her love of literature and poetry from a young age, Emilia’s singing is highly influenced by her analysis of the lyrics of a song, adding extra meaning to her performance. The producer of her four albums as a leader, Emilia is an authentic and elegant singer. Emotion lies at the heart of her music.


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“This voice that dares to flirt with its limits, while keeping its sensuality” – Jazzques.com

“Vocal offerings like this are dangerous and uncommon, with the successful ones being most rare” – All About Jazz

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