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Andy Wasserman

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This superb CD meets an extraordinarily high standard. The repertoire is exceptional; the interplay between pianist Andy Wasserman, bassist Lisle Atkinson, and percussionist Joe Licinski is sensitive, complex, and sublime.

—The Alternative Press

Updated: February 1, 2023

As of February 2023, musical artist, Infusion Jazz pianist, Lydian Chromatic Concept certified teacher, online music educator and native New Yorker Andy Wasserman is as active as ever, evolving and prevailing in an astonishingly diverse range of experience within the music universe since becoming a full-time professional musician in the 1970's.

With 4 new solo piano albums released in 2021 of all original compositions entitled Exuberance, Teleidoscope, Peregrination and Tree, a schedule that encompasses his "Couch Tour" weekly solo piano live stream concerts every Sunday that began in June 2020, with 137 weekly performance episodes so far - having presented 921 fresh, original compositions (concert schedule link at event listings on, as well as a 4-day a week roster of private online lesson students from around the globe in his state-of-the-art audio/video/webcam teaching studio featuring his expertise in The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization - the art and science of Tonal Gravity (certified by George Russell to do so) - Andy presses onward and upward to pass forward the wealth and inspiration of his life's work in music.

Wasserman's orchestral approach to his solo piano "Infusion Jazz" composition and improvisational genre fuses elements of spontaneity, technical nuance and subtlety, inner modal polyphony, vertical harmonic intimacy, rhythmic intricacy, and a full spectrum of eloquent dynamics. The development of this signature style and pianistic expression was lovingly guided by a 30 year relationship with his mentor, Jazz piano virtuoso Dwike Mitchell.

A MESSAGE FROM ANDY WASSERMAN - On The Source of Inspiration I Have To Share With Listeners: "As pianist and musical artist, I aspire to connect the totality of fingers, open heart, style, temperament, chord/scale unity, rhythmic solidarity and flowing, singing melodic lines. To be imbued with resonance from the core of my soul, infusing my touch on the instrument with poetry, wisdom, intuitive intelligence, love and imagination through vertical and horizontal wonderment."

He released a batch of new solo piano albums in 2020 performing his own signature solo piano contemporary compositions, with two of his recordings, "FLOWERS" and "THE SEVEN VERTICAL SCALES" receiving nominations for JAZZ ALBUM OF THE YEAR by, alongside Alan Pasqua's "DAYDREAM." His 2021 album "PEREGRINATION" was nominated in the 'Jazz album of the year' by Andy's recordings are currently available on his Bandcamp Pro page, SOLOPIANO.COM's website, and streaming with digital download sales on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio and Deezer.

Throughout his career as a multi-instrumentalist, performer, composer, arranger, recording artist, producer and educator, Wasserman has had the privilege of being mentored by three of the finest musicians on the planet - Jazz Piano Master Dwike Mitchell (Mitchell-Ruff Duo), Innovator, Composer, Band Leader and Theoretician NEA Jazz Master Fellow George Russell (Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization: The LCCOTO) and Legendary Djembe Drummer Papa Ladji Camara (Les Ballets Africains De Keita Fodeba). In his youth he attended the High School of Music and Art (drums, orchestral percussion) and the Metropolitan Music School (piano and theory) in Manhattan and earned his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies (composition and theory) from New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

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THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD magazine, JANUARY, 2021 issue ([email protected] section),

REVIEW of Andy Wasserman's recent LIVE STREAM CONCERT "The Listening Experience":

During the pandemic, pianist Andy Wasserman has been presenting regular live-stream concerts with one ear toward the therapeutic, healing qualities of music. His latest (Dec. 13th) was dedicated to northern Pole Stars; for astronomy-leaning jazzbos, these are currently Polaris and Polaris Australis. Wasserman produced forays into the bright, the glimmering, the burning, the clouded-over, icy and distant, with use of falling phrases over shifting, widely gripped harmonies as well as blues-drenched, ringing major sevenths, ninths and elevenths. But this was far from what we used to call ‘new age’ music. “Togetherness”, a slow, meandering work, conjured thoughts of Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock. While feelings of unity can be subjective, the rolling complexities in Wasserman’s works are beautifully, almost mystically woven together. More so, much of the pianist’s repertoire is built on his mastery of George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization (indeed, Wasserman was certified by Russell to teach it). “Ataraxia” offered the most profound modal quality, leaving the listener with that odd feeling of hollowness that arises with such tonalities. This piece also carried a motive nothing short of haunting in its reach for simplicity. Other works incorporated lonesome, roving basslines opposite right-hand postmodern jazz, one inspired by Eric Dolphy’s iconic postcard to Russell proclaiming that he’s working on “the new concept, but with an outward-bound feeling.” - review written by John Pietaro

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Musical artist and educator Andy Wasserman has been giving private music lessons online since 2010 with highly interactive, customized and personalized programs of study via video chat in real-time for students around the world (all ages and all levels).

He is one of only a handful of professional musicians personally and directly certified by George Russell to teach Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization lessons since 1982. The LCCOTO is of profound and useful benefit for all instrumentalists in all styles for improvisation, composition, arranging and analysis. This is the renowned theory that changed the direction of Jazz into the Modal Period (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, etc.), created by George Russell, the author of this innovative pan-stylistic music theory - the art and science of tonal gravity. CURRENTLY ACCEPTING PRIVATE STUDENTS ON ALL LEVELS, ON ANY INSTRUMENT:

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