Mating Dance of the Cosmic Pandas

Patrick Burnette By

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It's all things twangin' and screaming this time, as the boys look at four albums by guitarists. Some settle for six strings, some demand four, but all are one shade of awesome or another... and some make pretty impressive O-faces. The boys then each pick their three favorite guitarists, and the results may surprise you. Once the pickin' and a strummin' is dispensed with, Prince's Originals gets a thorough-look at from two guys who know eighties music 'cause they lived through it.


  • Discussion of Lenny Breau's album The Hallmark Sessions (Art of Life) 4:00
  • Discussion of Charlie Hunter's album Ready, Set. Shango! (Blue Note) 19:35
  • Mahavishnu Song Titles—Real or Fake Quiz 31:35
  • Discussion of Mahavishnu Orchestra's album Birds of Fire (Columbia) 34:30
  • Discussion of Grant Green's album Idle Moments (Blue Note) 50:40
  • Favorite Guitarists Discussion 1:07:20
  • Pop Matters 1:13:30


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