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Jim Eigo: The King of Jazz Email


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As for the man himself, Jim Eigo is a lifelong listener and collector of Jazz, music and other esoterica, with a library of 78s, 45s, 33s...
It's no secret that email can be a great vehicle for promotion. It's a fast, cost effective way to disseminate information to a select audience.

For a musician or venue looking to publicize an event or recording, email is essential but only to the right list of recipients. In terms of publicity, the list should go to editors, writers, industry people, bookers, venue operators, everyone possible.

Many people just don't have the time, or the contacts, to put together such a list. But one man has, Jim Eigo, aka The King of Jazz Email.

For a modest fee, Jim sends out emails to thousands of people in the world of Jazz. He's been involved in the business of Jazz since the 1960s, and he knows everyone, and their email addresses.

I happen to be on Jim's list and receive his offerings. Although not everything is of interest, I like scanning the subject lines of email from Jazz Promo Services to find out what's happening, especially with new artists.

Jim does other things besides send out his emails, but right now, that's his claim to fame. He's a true guerilla marketer and although his work isn't fancy, loaded with graphics and poof, he's focused solely on the information, and getting it out there to as many people as possible.

It works. Although we're all bombarded with email, trusted information sources manage to penetrate the firewall that exists inside our brains, trying to filter out the extraneous. And even though not every one of Jim's clients is a household word, we trust Jim's info because he's consistent, so his newer artists get some instant credibility because they're using his service.

As for the man himself, Jim Eigo is a lifelong listener and collector of Jazz, music and other esoterica, with a library of 78s, 45s, 33s, cassettes, CDs, videos and DVDs that he has to house in a climate controlled barn in upstate New York. After a life in Brooklyn, Jim moved upstate several years ago, but he maintains close ties with the city.

One of Jim's regular gigs is his work as the publicist for the Iridium, the midtown Jazz club and eatery. He's had some impact on the club's booking and the schedule of performances is amazing. Check out the club's schedule and you'll see what I mean.

And if you're in midtown, check out the club. If you're lucky enough to meet Jim Eigo there, be prepared to hear stories about musicians and people in the business that will leave you stunned and amused. The man has been there and back in the Jazz biz, which has always been a rat's nest of scoundrels and thieves.

Through all this madness, Jim has been able to maintain his integrity. And his sense of humor. That's why Jim Eigo is a survivor. He knows how to keep going in a business where the bottom keeps dropping out, every few years. When the Net arrived, he jumped on it and secured a niche for himself. Armed with the knowledge of the business, and, plenty of guts, he found a way to help people and make a living in Jazz. Bravo.

Visit Jim's site, which I produced, Jazz Promo Services , or email him directly to get on his mailing list.

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