Harris Eisenstadt, Whit Dickey, Gard Nilssen and More

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A very eclectic show this time out: drummers are front and center: Joao Lencastre, Whit Dickey, Gard Nilssen, Harris Eisenstadt, Kahil El'Zabar from the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and Germany's Max Andrzejewski. The latter and his band Hütte are tackling the music of rocker/composer Robert Wyatt. If that isn't off the wall, how about a combination of a Spinal Tap piece layered with an Ornette Coleman tune performed by the Michael Leonhart? There's freer stuff from the likes of the Legendary Trio (Ken Vandermark, Joe McPhee and Susan Alcorn), Black Motor, a Kingston Trio (no, not that one, this is Damien Kingston from Australia) and bassist Charlie Kirchen. Hey there's even a singer: the majestic Dwight Trible. And lots more. Enjoy!


  • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble "Blew It" from Be Known Ancient/Future/Music (Spiritmuse) 00:00
  • Host speaks 07:56
  • Michael Leonhart Orchestra "Big Bottom/Lonely Woman" from Suite Extracts Volume 1 (Sunnyside) 09:58
  • Matt Mitchell "SSGG" from Phalanx Ambassadors (Pi) 21:05
  • Telepathic Band "Lust Call" from Electric Telepathy Vol. 1 (577 Records) 26:01
  • Host speaks 31:59
  • Joao Lencastre Communion 3 "Long, Long Way" from Song(s) of Hope (Clean Feed) 33:30
  • Dwight Trible "Brother Where Are You?" from Mothership (Gearbox) 43:04
  • Christof Mahnig & Die Abmahnung "Erst Die Arbeit Dann Das Vergnugen" from Red Carpet (Leo) 48:17
  • Host speaks 53:43
  • Native Aliens Ensemble "O Treze" from Native Aliens Ensemble (Try-Tone) 54:49
  • Harris Eisenstadt "Biomass" from Old Growth Forest II (Astral Spirits) 59:16
  • Host speaks 1:06:47
  • Gard Nillsen's Acoustic Unity "Masacrayke" from To Whom Who Buys a Record (Odin) 1:08:33
  • Gard Nillsen's Acoustic Unity "Acoustic Unity" from To Whom Who Buys A Record (Odin) 1:12:57
  • Desiderio Lazaro " Meditação II" from Cérebro Estado Zero (690693 Records) 1:16:39
  • Desidério Lázaro "Cérebro Estado Zero" from Cérebro Estado Zero (690693 Records) 1:22:13
  • Host speaks 1:26:29
  • Legendary Trio "The Eyes of Memory" from Invitation To Dream (Astral Spirits) 1:28:16
  • Alexander Hawkins "Pleasant Constellation" from Iron Into Wind (Intakt) 1:37:37
  • Host speaks 1:42:10
  • Charlie Kirchen Quartet "Blue Island" from I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up (Self-released) 1:43:26
  • Host speaks 1:57:46
  • Max Andrzejewski & Hütte "Little Red Robin Hood Hits the Road" from Max Andrzejewski & Hütte Play The Music of Robert Wyatt (WhyPlayJazz) 1:59:39
  • Max Andrzejewski & Hütte " Little Red Riding Hood Hits The Road" from Max Andrzejewski & Hütte Play The Music of Robert Wyatt (WhyPlayJazz) 2:05:59
  • Black Motor "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" from Branches (We Jazz) 2:09:24
  • Host speaks 2:14:32
  • Whit Dickey Tao Quartets "Blossom Time" from Peace Planet & Box Of Light (AUM Fidelity) 2:15:58
  • Brotherhood "Ebony" from Oak (Aut Records) 2:24:5
  • Host speaks 2:30:15
  • Damien Kingston Trio "Three by Four" from Tributary (Self-released) 2:31:04
  • Damien Kingston Trio "Lowercase" from Tributary (Self-released) 2:33:35
  • Tadeusz Sudnik "7'37"" from His Friends in Art (Audio Cave) 2:37:19
  • Host speaks 2:44:55
  • Wojciech Lichtański "Iga?" from Iga (Audio Cave) 2:45:42


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