Don Cherry Tribute, Four Visions, Alberto Pinton & Earprint

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The late trumpeter Don Cherry had and still has a huge influence on the creative music scene, from his work with Ornette, Coltrane, Old And New Dreams, CODONA, and Carla Bley to his exploration and fusion of world music. That influence led Italian drummer/percussionist, Cristiano Calcagnile, to form an ensemble to perform a tribute to Cherry back in 2014. That morphed into a recording, Multikulti Cherry On, then more performances, and now a new release in the same vein, The Gift Of Togetherness. Both are featured in this episode.

There's also music from a handful of new releases from Swedish multi-reedist Alberto Pinton and his new Sestetto Contemporaneo, the Four Visions Saxophone Quartet, Earprint, John Yao & Triceratops, drummer Dor Herskovits and the Sfyria Trio. All the spaces are filled in nicely with other great music. Enjoy!!!


  • Simon Nabatov Quintet "Old Fashioned" from Last Minute Theory (Clean Feed) 00:00
  • New Air "Achtud El Buod (Children's Song) " from Air Show No. 1 (Black Saint ) 08:26
  • Cristiano Calcagnile & Multikulti Ensemble "Brown Rice" from The Gift Of Togetherness (Caligola) 14:46
  • Host speaks 20:02
  • Cristiano Calcagnile & Multikulti Ensemble "Moguto Suite" from Multikulti Cherry On (Caligola) 22:56
  • Paul Plimley Trio "Loss Restless" from Artful Dodgers (Self released) 39:45
  • Harris Eisenstadt "Standing Snags" from Old Growth Forest II (Astral Spirits) 45:16
  • Host speaks 53:37
  • Mick Rossi & Peter Hess "Wadabe" from Cut The Red Wire (Diskonife) 54:47
  • Warwick Alder "Betty's Blues" from Duo Trio Quartet (Self-released) 59:01
  • Whit Dickey "Seventh Sun" from Peace Planet/Box Of Light (AUM Fidelity) 1:05:50
  • Cristiano Calcagnile & Multikulti Ensemble "Togetherness" from The Gift Of Togetherness (Caligola) 1:16:20
  • Host speaks 1:23:15
  • Alberto Pinton & Sestetto Contemperaneo "Il Carosello" from Layers (Clear Now) 1:24:49
  • Ocean Fanfare "Importance of Madness" from First Nature (Barefoot) 1:30:03
  • Hot Heros "Coyote Chasing Deer" from Days After The Rodeo (Eclipse Music) 1:34:42
  • Host speaks 1:39:57
  • Four Visions Saxophone Quartet "Technicolor Penguins" from Four Visions Saxophone Quartet (Sunnyside) 1:42:04
  • Gonçalo Marques "Sempre Mais" from Linhas (Porta-Jazz) 1:48:11
  • Host speaks 1:52:25
  • Earprint "Don't Look At The Pot" from Easy Listening (Endectomorph) 1:53:18
  • Joao Lencastre's Parallel Realities "The Maze" from Parallel Realities (FMR) 1:58:22
  • Joao Lencastre Communion 3 "Baby Pine Tree" from Song(s) Of Hope (Clean Feed) 2:03:27
  • Host speaks 2:09:01
  • John Yao & Triceratops "How We Do" from How We Do (See Tao) 2:10:44
  • Alex Fournier "Four Hundred Dollars" from Triio (Self-released) 2:17:56
  • Host speaks 2:24:39
  • Sfyria Trio "II" from Rockefeller Concert (Astral Spirits) 2:25:57
  • Dor Herskovits "Flying Elephants" from Flying Elephants (Endectomorph) 2:43:33
  • Host speaks 2:49:29
  • Joseph Daley & Earth Tones Ensemble "Gula (Gluttony)" from The Seven Heavenly Virtues & Seven Deadly Sins (Joda Music) 2:51:28


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